Rustic Cabin in the Woods...

the ad read. And so it was, with natural stone exterior cladding. Right cute for only $65,000. ***However…***well, see for yourself! There was no underlayment on the roof, and the decking pulls double duty as the vaulted ceiling.:mrgreen:





You get what you pay for …

Okay Jimminy, do you inspect barefooted or where did you get the extra hand to hold up the shingle and take the picture?:wink:

Like my mom with her third eye in the back of her head he is the perfect inspector with a camera built into his eye. Nice catch ot the roof.

I am certain that you didn’t pull those two nails through lifting the shingles to take a look, right?

LOL!!! The extra hand was the client, who insisted on getting up there with me. The rusty nails backed out on their own. The pics don’t really do justice, there was warping and bowing everywhere. Believe it or not, the seller was indignant and wanted to try to hold the young couple to their contract! On the advice of his agent, he finally relented. The agency has since ‘de-listed’ him. This is an example of no local oversight, as the county has no compliance regulations.

When I was doing this, I overheard the seller’s wife remark from the ground, “If he messes up our roof, THAT’S IT!” Too funny. I had to suppress my sardonic grin throughout the inspection, as there were also major issues with the natural stone exterior, and the treated wood (recycled phone poles) piers set in concrete with no barrier. To boot, major drainage issues at the back, so most of the piers were rotted at the base.