Outdoor light fixture

I came across this light fixture in a roofed-over patio. I doesn’t seem like the fixture is rated for wet locations. Since the patio is protected by a roof is the installation OK? What determines a wet location? Thanks in advance.


This is a damp location at worst. Some AHJs might even let them get away with calling it dry if it is sufficiently protected from wind driven rain.
In Florida we would definately say damp since it frequently rains sideways.
I think you will have more code problems with the Romex in a damp location than the keyless.

Excellent point Greg, thanks.

What is a “keyless”?

http://www.twacomm.com/catalog/model_8829-CW.htm?sid=76B7ACAB1C1A0E4C20A299CF6BED1CABThis is a keyless.How was that globe attached?

That is a keyless lampholder in the pic. That’s just a clip on shade. Like Greg said, even if the fixture was rated for wet or damp locations, the wiring method, including the box, is not.