Outside washer/dryer

does anybody know if having a washer and dryer with 240v and hot./cold
connections outside the residential home is a violation of a code and why?


I don’t know who (in their right mind) would want their Washer & dryer outside, but if you found a Washer & Dryer outside, just make sure the electrical supply receptacles are GFCI protected.

As for the 240 outside, thats a red flag.


I find 240V receptacles outside on a daily basis for whatever reason, welder receptacles at homes, etc. As long as they are protected I don’t see an issue. I have even seen electric Hot Water Heaters outside here hard wired to a J-Box. I don’t know about areas of the country where rain is an issue, they apparently have a space issue in the home…:smiley:

same here, of course because we live in the same part of the world…

I have seen it in texas and louisiana when passing thru! But not in kansas it gets to cold here!

Thanks guys i appreciate your feedback .

What you guys talking bout. There are parts of the country you can still find the washing machine on the front porch right next to the engine block being “souped up” for the big race down to the dirt track.
Now for a serious note, when I was stationed in Hawaii the house we rented (very nice house in a nice neighborhood) had the laundry station located on the back patio / porch. Needless to say it had a damaging effect on the motor when it rained and water came cascadind down the mountain and flooded the concrete deck. After I bought a new motor I built two raised platforms for the machines to sit on. Had I been on the ball I would have invented the raised platforms they now sell for $200 each for the high end machines.

The code requires the utiltiy connections to be “protected from freezing”. Also, if a washing machine freezes, it can crack the pump, which always has water in it.

That wasn’t serious?

That’s quite serious out here in East County where I live. The honeys can do the wash while their lovely Bubbas are working on the car. Every occasionally, you’ll see them make google eyes at each other, especially when honey unloads the unmentionables from the washer. :smiley:

Whenever I do a redneck inspection, I include a free copy of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck. . . .” :mrgreen:

Russ, i read in one of your other post that you have different levels of inspections, is “redneck inspection” a new addition? does ya hafta rit it all down on birch tree bark wit a porki-pine quill dipped in moter erl?:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

You don’t want to know the names of our inspections that my employees came up with. :smiley:


Hay who know they may have just as many names for you…:mrgreen: …when your not around., but hay my guys are dumb enough to say it to my face.:smiley: that just tells my that i’m doing my job.

Mine would never say it to my face because they know that their supply of margaritas, margarita pies, pizza, and jalapeno nachos would dry up faster than Death Valley after a desert rain storm.

good help is hard to find.