Overdue Education??

Whats this?? I am overdue one educational course that was not even created when I joined Nachi…

Now all of a sudden we are actually going to be foreced to take all our corses? Who else got this email and why all of a sudden are they enforcing this?

You could loose some customers Nick…

I just got to figure out when to get time and how long do i have to complete this .

You’re not alone.


I have been following the other thread and I remember when I joined there was allot of complaining there needed to be enforcement and if anyone did not keep current there should be consequences. What changed? To any experienced HI these courses are not difficult. Some have no relevance to me in Fl. but it is good to exercise your brain.

Be patient and don’t panic Nick will explain soon.

What needs an explanation? There are requirements for joining and maintaining membership in NACHI. As members and business proprietors, we must meet those requirements or CHOOSE to no longer be a member.

If you haven’t kept up, this is a warning. Do you get that pissed when your state sends you a reminder on your Driver’s License renewal? Holy mackerel folks, it ain’t rocket science. Good thing cause my quantum mechanics course wouldn’t be done… :wink:

Taking some time to finish my requirements. No big deal since a good portion of them are also approved for State Licensing renewal. Beer on ice, 1 for each course. Damn, somebody come over and sober me up in a couple days…

I know I’m not taking two days off work to take classes I took years ago—see you at the Beach, bye - bye—:stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. I only question a couple of courses being required…Energy Audits…and Lead Paint.

I’m Done.

I got that E-mail too but mine said I was up to date. Whoopy!

Since I received this email, I completed 2 courses.

I don’t provide pool and commercial inspections, why the heck do I need to complete these courses?

I achieved over 50 CEUs last year.

I have no free time to complete courses that I do not need.

I got the email also…I’d like to think its a list that I can work off on down the road.
I just completed the 21 hour Advanced HVAC course, and said I’d take the rest of the summer off…whew, talk about long!
I will use the list to keep track of what I need, and keep knockin em off.

I am sure Nick will tell us the details later. I think he is just letting the steam blow off a bit. Smart guy he will come up with something. I am sure I won’t agree. ;), but it will be what it is.

When this ramp up of education started a few years back. All current members was grandfathered-in.

Up to date I’m in …Nachi police on the look out

HMMMM i wonder what brought this on…

I don’t want to hear any complaining because this was asked for…

I received mine today also. I have taken many course that came available after I joined, and have planned on taking the courses anyway. My only concern is the time I have to take them. Of course, the ones I am missing are the long courses 12-24 CE’s. Quote from the email…

Heck, the way Nick and Ben pump out new courses around here, I’ll never get caught up! :wink:

Nick has stated in the past that we are “grandfathered” and are not required to take new courses that came available after we joined.

From the Membership page of the Nachi website…

Most of these required year 2 and 3 courses are totally irrelevant to me and I don’t intend to waste time satisfying requirements for superfluous courses when I can apply that time to training which is relevant to my business.

InterNACHI needs to decide where that leaves us because if they do not want me to renew, I can obtain my state required CEUs elsewhere. I have no problem removing any references to INACHI membership from my website if need be.

InterNACHI needs to revise its published membership numbers downward by that number of people who are in arrears on IinterNACHI training requirements. Counting all of those non-qualifying dues payers as members is misleading to the public and could be construed as fraud when it’s clear that the organization knows how many dues payers do not meet their published membership requirements.

How many members does InterNACHI have when you discount those who have not completed the prescribed courses from the ranks?

5- Larsen, Bushart, Jonas and McKenna and Burkeson

Thats what I thought.