Overhead Garage Door light Inserts

I think I know the answer to this but I thought I’d ask. Do light panels within a overhead garage door classify as a glazed opening? Just want to make sure there aren’t any exceptions when it comes to overhead doors. I realize any amount of glass in an exterior door, even say 4"x4", would be a glazed opening - so logically the garage door would be the same. If the answer is a definite YES how have you seen these light inserts protected on the metal door - would be a interesting aluminum shutter install. Thanks in advance.

yes, the are considered a glazed opening. If the door has a Florida Product Approval # on it and it meets impact requirements via state product approval lookup then you can classify it as impact rated. As for protection on them, the windows are polycarbonate same as the polycarb shutters on the market and are installed in the door to pass the engineering missile tests (TAS 202, PA 202, etc). Most of the time however, they are not impact rated…good luck. If you need some help, shoot me an email.


Yes. If you shutter it the entire opening must be shuttered

Here is a photo of a Clopay W6 door sticker just installed last year - Note the middle model listing - Does NOT meet the ANSI / DASMA 115 Standard - the middle one is a W6 door with those little glazed panels across the top. They cause it to lose impact rating.

Thanks for the response guys