Garage door w/ glazing

Is a glazed garage door only marked off under the glazed opening side of the OP chart? Or do you mark off the glazing under the glazed area and the non-glazed under non-glazed?

Glazed overhead garage doors are only referenced in the table under Glazed Openings - Garage Doors. If verified as wind load rated, they are still “X”, and mark “N/A” on the non-glazed side for garage doors.

But if the entire assembly is impact, then it’s A on the glazed side and N/A on the non-glazed side right? Or would the non-glazed section also be marked as A?


No, if it’s a glazed door.


Has anyone seen a glazed impact rated garage door?

I do not remember ever seeing one.


I’ve seen a few.

I saw one Mike. I believe that’s the only one I’ve seen though.


I have seen it 2 times…and I was surprised… Both on High End homes