Is this garage door impact rated?

Did an inspection yesterday on a home, not a Wind Mit, and saw this sticker on the garage door. Does this sticker indicate that the door is impact rated?

In this area, I do not deal much with impact rated doors but want to know what to look for in the event that I run into them.

No attached pict :slight_smile:

DUH!!! The photo is now in the original post. I wouldn’t let me attach it here.

Yes, it says it right on the sticker.

That is what I thought when I read it. But, here is a photo of the door. I do not think a garage door can be impact rated and have glass in it. That is part of why I asked the question about the sticker.

Sorry for the trick question but I wanted to make sure I was reading the sticker correctly.

Ok, according to FL9174.3 (0230), the glazing for that door is NOT impact rated, therefore the whole door can not be impact rated.

Correction: After further review, FL9174.3 (2004 code) does not have an impact glazing option as stated above, but the same approval # under the 2007 code and later HAS an impact glazing option for that door. Confusing if you don’t check all of the code versions.

Robert, you need to apply the correct code version to the installation date of this door. The glazing on the door should have some kind of indication of lexan or polycarbonate windows if impact.

Scroll down to page three and look for 0230.

Thanks for the information. As I said, doors with impact ratings are rather rare in this area. I thought windows in the garage door would automatically make the door not impact rated.

I appreciate the information.

It is sometimes an art just to put together the puzzle on opening protection. Impact rated garage doors with glazing have been around for awhile now, but are expensive and pretty rare outside a WBDR or HVHZ.