Overloaded Junction Boxes and Fill

One junction box has # 2 AL for 100 amps and the other junction box # 2/0 AL for 150 amps. The boxes are undersized and overfilled.
Where does this fall under the NEC.

box two.jpg

box one.jpg

Article 370 deals with conductor fill.

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Art. 370 is Cablebus. Not applicable here.

NEC 314.16, 300.34, 300.4(F) apply.

The one looks to be close to legal. A collared 4-11/16" deep box maybe enough.

Well Sorry I was looking in my 99 codebook which is the only one I have inside the house…didn’t know it was re located.


No worries fella…this is why educators like myself hold 2002 NEC Update Classes…lol…to learn the changes and relocations…lol

The connectors on these cables in the image on the right are also incorrect…they are for flexible AC , greenfield and so on Cable and not SER…

Also the SER is not supported within 12" from the box…and for box fill…

I threw in a trick question…but I took it out…lol…sorry

Aw…what the hell…the box on the right is a violation of Article 314.28(A)(2) as well…because the conductors are larger then # 4 AWG…and must meet the pull and angle requirement and that 4 x 1 1/2 box is not large enough…but who calls that out these days…lol…( dont say it does not apply to cables…read bottom line of that article…lol )

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