Ozone Training

For those of you that may be interested in adding to your income, we are running an Ozone Shock training course in Ontario on November 7th. This is a great way to introduce yourself to realtors as ozone has the ability to eliminate odours from their hard to sell properties.

Hey Mike, maybe you should explain a bit about how long the course is, where,and a bit about the active ingredient that is used in the process. The website claims that it can help eradicate mold…if this is possible I think the more input that you give us …the more interest that you may create.
Start up fees ? an estimate would be good although there were many machines to choose from so one high and one low price would be a good starting point…this before anyone dishes out $975.00 for certification.


And those links are only the tip of the iceberg with regard to ozone dangers.

Hey Scott. Mold is a tricky thing. There’s a lot of false claims on the internet about ozone’s ability to completely eradicate mold. There’s even a guy on Nachi TV that claims his process is guaranteed to kill mold. Ozone disrupts molds ability to reproduce. Our course explains how to stop mold in it’s tracks, but it doesn’t remove dead spores and it doesn’t do a thing if the moisture problem isn’t solved. That being said, ozone is the perfect solution to LOTS of different problems from smelly sports gear to cigarette smoke. Start-up costs are extrememly low compared to other businesses. The largest machine we sell will treat a 2500 sq/ft house and costs $2135. But if you’re interested in say doing cars, then you can begin with a machine that only cost $490. At over $100 to treat 1 car, it doesn’t take long to recoup your costs.
We sell the best equipment available on the market. I comes with a 6 year warranty and it has a proven output. Other machines sell for less money and claim higher outputs, but I’ve had just about all of them tested and they are well below what they claim. In some cases they have put out only 2% of the claimed amount.
Trust me when I say the course is worth the money. Some Ozone franchises have a $75,000 initial buy in, with limited territories.

Thanks Mike for the answers.

Ray excellent choice of reading material on ozone! Since there has been a drastic increase in COPD it sounds like this substance/procedure that could make you liable if pressed!

Ray I too did a search and from what I see it scares me big time … Roy

Dumb Idea to introduce this product into Home Inspection.:frowning:
Dead spores are still floating around in the home that become airborn.
You will get sued if you say you are following the S520.:shock: for removal of mold or killing the mold.
S520 provides a philosophical shift away from setting numerical mold contamination action levels. Instead, it establishes mold contamination definitions, descriptions and conditions (1, 2, 3), and general guidance, which, when properly applied, can assist remediators and others in determining criteria that trigger remediation activities or confirm remediation success.
Ozone up high is needed so we don’t fry.
Ozone down low will kill you slow.

Strangely, last night I rec’d a call from a good friend. He started by asking me what I knew about ozone to kill mould. Turns out my friend has two homes with mildew odour and his Realtor friends suggested he use ozone. The plan was to vacate the house for three days while ozone was generated to super high levels.

I tried to explained to him the issues with ozone. I also informed him the treatment was just that, and not addressing the cause - water issues.

This is why all of you guys need to take some additional training and not believe everything spewed out on the internet. Ozone does have some hazzards and that’s why you need to educate yourselves as to how to use it properly and safely. No where in my training do I say that ozone will eliminate mold spores from the home and I do not advocate the use of it as a fix to a mold problem. Ray, you seem to have a negative spin on everything that’s posted here. Why don’t you attend the course? Learn the truths before telling everyone what you think you know.

Thanks Mike still think I will pass and I also feel others should look close before getting involved… Roy

That’s why we train Roy. To educate everyone as to how ozone works. The articles that Ray has posted deal with IN HOME generators that run continuosly. I teach my classes why these devices are extremely dangerous and should not be used. I suggest that before you condemn ozone and it’s many benefits, you educate yourself. If there’s one thing I can’t stand is a closed mind.

Training on what is documented to be a health hazard by better authorities?

Never said you did.

I am not here marketing like you are. You have a stake in selling and marketing your biz… Even stranger the association (Nachi) you belong to has found it necessary to write a public document as to the perils of ozone. Big difference. Why not blame them for the negative opinions?

I suggest you get a new gun sight, your current sight is askew.



What is Health Canada’s warning to consumers?
Health Canada is warning consumers not to use an ozone generator in their homes

Does ozone kill germs?

To be effective as a germicide, the concentration of ozone must be far greater than any human could tolerate. A study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency indicated that ozone was not effective in killing airborne moulds and fungi, even at concentrations as high as 6 to 9 ppm.

How are devices regulated under the Pest Control Products Act?

The Pest Control Products Act requires that manufacturers of devices making biocidal claims (e.g., destroys bacteria, prevents the growth of mould), or that have a biocidal use or purpose, prove that those devices are safe and efficacious before they are marketed in Canada. No applications for registration of air cleaners that intentionally generate ozone have been made to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) to date.
What regulations cover ozone generators?

Both the Food and Drugs Act (FDA) and the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) cover ozone generators. The claimed purpose or representation, as well as where and how the device is used determines which regulations apply. In order to avoid being subject to regulation under the Food and Drugs Act and/or the* Pest Control Products Act*, ozone generators continue to be marketed in Canada as “air cleaners” or “pollution control devices” without making medical or biocidal claims or being marked for medical or biocidal purpose or use.

That’s correct Roy. There’s a section in my training manual that has this info almost word for word. What’s your point? I’m not marketing this training to “Clean Air”. Health Canada is concerned with devices like the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze. Their warnings do not apply to trained individuals using commercial units.

Thanks Mike .
I still see no advantage to these … Roy

Does Health Canada’s warning apply to the use of an ozone generator in unoccupied spaces?

Health Canada is concerned about the use of ozone generators in occupied spaces where the public may be exposed to ozone gas. Health Canada’s warning does not apply to ozone generators intended for use in unoccupied spaces by trained individuals who are following appropriate occupational health and safety requirements.

You see no advantage because you’ve never researched the subject to any extent. Come to my class.

Thanks I put it up with many other thing’s I do not need, or have time for.
… Roy

Hi Roy, I am a former student of Mike Howards ozone training course in Calgary, AB. I appreciate your concern for all of us and I have gone over all the websites posted and the information you have stated about Health Canada’s position on Ozone. I do agree with you that ozone can have some very negative effects on the human body. For that reason I make sure before every job that my clients understand what ozone is and what it can harm if used improperly. I have been doing this now for about 1.5yrs and I have never once herd any feedback from my clients of any negative side effects both biologically and non biologically. So far some of the smell issues I have been able to help my clients with are animal urine, tobacco, sour milk and some unidentified odors. For example this summer I did a SUV that had 1gal of milk left in the vehicle over the weekend in the high 20’s. My clients tried shampooing, bleach solutions under the carpet and all types of deodorizers to no prevail. After my procedure using a liquid deoderizer and followed up by ozone treatment I rid them of a smell that would make you vomit. They have since referred me a number of times. About Mike’s training course he goes over the does and don’t thoroughly and tells us to not make any false claims on what ozone can do. This brings me to mold. In Mike’s class he stresses that mold cannot be killed by ozone and to not make any claims as such for legal reasons. I do have a service contract that states this also and I verbally state this to them. Mike’s only statment on mold is that “ozone has the potential to disrupt mold growth at certain stages” In Mike’s class we are told that mold still will have to be addressed properly through an mold inspection to discover where the moisture problem is coming from and to have the mold properly re mediated by a qualified company. As per any accusations about how Mike’s course or Mike Howard himself say that ozone will kill mold, I would stand up in court for him under oath stating that these accusations are false. Again thanks for your concern but in my opinion after taking Mike’s course he is not teaching anything that might get us sued.

Thanks for the Info Scott much appreciated …Welcome to NACHI… all the best…Roy

Hi Mike, again! Don’t think that members here are trying to put a negative spin on everything but you have a product that you are trying to market and this is point counterpoint a viable solution for you to sell your product and yourself. Every good product needs a good salesman and we have all seen our share so now is the time to prove yourself and your product!
Your website claims quote
“Often found in warm, moist spots such as bathrooms or kitchens, Toxic Mold can quickly become a very serious issue. If left untreated, mold can begin to colonize and reproduce billions of spores in as little as 48 hours. This can cause serious and even life threatening illness in humans and animals. It can also leave a very strong and musty odour.
Mold can also cause structural damage to buildings which can lower the value of property or render it completely uninhabitable. Ozone can disrupt molds ability to reproduce, stopping it from spreading and eradicating the odour. Ozone not only attacks mold at its source, it also eliminates airborne spores on contact.”

This sounds like a mixed message! IMO