PA Home inspector requirements

I’m new to home inspection. I’m taking a course from AHIT. I’m trying to decipher the requirements for home inspectors in PA. Do I have to belong to an organization that requires 100 monitored home inspections before I can do inspections on my own? How does interNachi determine that a member is a full-member?

The word “monitored” does not appear in the PA regulation. That is part of the PHIC scam:

OK I read it as well as the PA Law. I’m still confused as to what a Full Member requirement is. Will my designation be something else than FULL MEMBER with interNACHI before I perform 100 inspections?

You are considered a “Working Member” in the eyes of InterNACHI until you complete your 100 fee paid inspections.

What part of Pennsylvania are you from?

Red Lion, Just outside of York


Don’t know anyone in that area personally to tell you to ask for some ride a longs.

Thanks for the info. I have a while to make contacts. I have a full time job until 12/31. I did hope to get some inspections under my belt before that though. Thanks again.

Do you want to meet me in Philly the first week of May? I’ll be in town. Maybe Scott can schedule an evening event for me to do an inspector marketing talk.

Sure. Give me a date and place and I’ll see if I can make it. Thanks

Anything arranged? Would consider driving down if so.

Also, a new version of the proposed PA law is circulating…Senate Bill 51.