Trying to understand PA requirements

From Chapter 75 of the PA Title 68 Real and Personal Property Statute:

"National home inspectors association." Any national association of home inspectors that:

(1) Is operated on a not-for-profit basis and is not operated as a franchise.

(2) Has members in more than ten states.

(3) Requires that a person may not become a full member unless the person has performed or participated in more than 100 home inspections and has passed a recognized or accredited examination testing knowledge of the proper procedures for conducting a home inspection.

Does this mean I could still start my inspection business as a certified inspector if I passed InterNACHI’s final exam, but would not be considered a full member until I’ve completed the actual number of home inspection requirements?

As far as I can see there is no formal licensing required for PA home inspectors and so I’m wondering how to interpret the over 100 home inspections as part of becoming a home inspector through InterNACHI’s course. In other words, can those 100 home inspections be done as part of my normal inspection business, or is it something that is expected to be done before being recognized as a home inspector in PA and thus a sort of catch 22?