Termite Certs In PA

I am thinking about writing termite certs along with my home inspections. Is there any other requirements besides being NACHI certified and OandE insurance to do so in PA.
I read that in the past the state required you to have a license to dispense termiticides in order to write certs. Does anyone know if that is still a requirement?
Also, can I use the standard hud form for my reports?

Thank you in advance,

Scott Ferguson
For Your Investment LLC

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You only need a license in PA to treat for WDO.

But you still should take the course: http://www.nachi.org/wdocourse.htm

I have also hired services of Termite inspection mid north coast just to save my house furnishings from termites. I had seen my neighbour’s house, my God, it was completely affected by termites. Now I am thinking to do a contract with them so that they can visit my home on monthly basis.