Palin Out in Less than 48 Hours

Here is my prediction, Sarah Palin will bow out of running as McCain’s Vice President within 48 hours citing newly discovered family responsibilities.

Put the bottle down or pick another up cus you head is fogged:roll:

Sounds like a plan. :twisted:

KTVA, Local CBS Affiliate, Reports On Palin Trooper-Gate

If McCain has any delusions of winning , he better start over.

She must be getting nervous.

Republican VP pick Palin hires lawyer over Alaska inquiry

You fellas are getting more and more nervous.

Maybe you can organize a write in campaign for Hillary. :wink:

How so, either Romney or Lieberman would be a better choice and and create a much more electable team. Americans forget very quickly and November is far away, now if this were October already you Repugs would be toast for sure. Timing is everything.

If Palin stubbornly remains the VP choice with the incessant barrage of negative media coverage she is bound to receive throughout the rest of the election process, what chance does the McCain/Palin ticket really have?

How will the Republicans be able to get their message out if they constantly have to stop to field questions concerning Pailn’s past, family and ability to lead? Sarah can we get to know & trust you in the little time left? Doubtful, Romney & Lieberman are already known quantities, this poor choice in a running mate will haunt McCain till November and end up becoming his Achilles heel.

Yes it is.

McCain’s timing of his VP pick was just plain exquisite?:D:D

Thanks for recognizing this.:wink:

Family issues? Morals? You mean like Hilary has with Bill? or maybe Obama with the Reverend Wright and William Ayers? Lets not forget the two minority constituencies the Dems rely on for votes, (African and Latino Americans). Think any of those voters have had children out of wed lock and or under the age of 18?

The Dems will do NOTHING! They’re in a glass house! They can’t throw rocks!

I understand that, and on the day after Obama’s speech it looked like you guys pulled off a brilliant coup. Furthermore at that time the job ahead appeared to be a simple swamp draining, but just a few days later it appears the McCain/Palin ticket is up to their elbows in alligators and mired knee deep in a controversy that they can’t extricate themselves from.

It appears that Maverick decisions have a high variance and create random outcomes, good luck with that cowboy. :smiley:

You’re dreaming again Joe.

But let’s see what the next few days brings.

I think Americans will like her.

None of the above is running for public office, and therein lies the difference.

The two groups above ,know more than anyone the failure of teaching abstinence as the solution.

Perhaps Sarah should have taught that girl to use condoms instead.

The difference of course is that these are all known quantities, Sarah Palin is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and has not yet been vetted by the press. Until Palin is vetted and accepted sins & all The McCain Straight-Talk Express will be spending a inordinate amount of time defending her to the public instead of sharing their message.

Sarah Palin’s daughter isn’t running for office either…

I’ll bet you $1 McCain is the next President with Mrs. Palin in tow…

If McCain wins , you better save every penny for when the country totally collapses.

You must have something else going on other than being self employed. As a self employed person I can’t possibly vote with the Dems. Everything about their party harms me personally and or with regard to my business. Bigger government, increased taxes, increased spending on entitlements? Let’s put some more taxes on a gallon of gas for example. We have about 70 cents per gallon here in California now. Oh, wait we’ll give a $1000 refund to low income welfare recipients. That of course will cause the service industries to raise their prices for fuel, which will be passed along to the middle class as usual. Let’s do that for universal health care as well, (Which BTW never works). McDonalds will soon be charging $6 for french fries, which again will simply be passed along to the middle class working stiffs like me!

If you work for the government, are a union employee or a welfare recipient you most likely will vote the Democratic Socialist ticket. For the rest of us working middle class we have but one option, Republican!

You know her mother how?

Pretty judgemental aren’t we Robert? No mistakes in your life? No mistakes by your family members?

These aren’t Saints running for office Robert, they’re Politicians…

Not so fast there, these are Republican Politicians running for office who on every occasion attempt to take the moral high ground claiming their purity in all things sexual. Since they supposedly hold themselves up to a higher authority it only seems fair that we hold their feet to the fire when they fail to live up to their own standards.


She keeping the child and instead of getting rid of “the problem”.

Just like her mother did with her Downs Syndrome child.

Pretty good trainer if you asked me.:smiley: