Service panel fitment issues

Can someone help out with this panel and explain what’s going on with the fitment issues and how I can advise my client? Is this made for a fuse block panel instead of traditional breakers?

Possible narrative:

The electric service disconnect cabinet has the wrong dead front cover, whereas fingers can be inserted and touch live components. It is a safety hazard.

I recommend a qualified electrician make changes, as needed, to secure the holes and make the electric cabinet safe to use and not an electrocution hazard…or replace it.

I hope that helps you, Paul.


Based on the visible age, it’s outdated… change it out!! Time for an update!!


Simple advice to my client. " Based on the age of the service panel and possible alterations and/or retrofits of the fuses/breakers, it is recommended that a licensed electrical contractor or electrician further evaluate, correct and/or replace if deemed necessary…"

…and as JJ said, it needs to go… :sunglasses:


According to the label someone has removed the interior panelboard that originally contained fuses and replaced it with a panelboard that is solely circuit breakers. That creates not only problems with the cover but also problems with the listing of the original equipment.


Thanks so much for the help guys.