Panel Finds

THere are a couple of items here that need repairing. My favorite is the wires that are attached directly to the buss, and not fused.

electric (1).JPG

electric (1).JPG

electric (2).JPG

electric (1).JPG


The second picture here is some black wires twisted together. These are nuetral wires that are active.

Between these photos and the ones of the crawl, it looks like you had a fine day.:stuck_out_tongue:

It was a real winner, the whole week. It makes selling look good on a week like this one.!

Ahh, come on Ben, you know you love it!!!:smiley:

Must have been a big house. With all them big 30 amp fuses they must need some big power;) :wink: </IMG></IMG>

I’m missing something, I don’t see a none fused circuit, just a bunch of double taps on the 120V and 220V circuits as well as the overfusing.??