Panel from 1969

Old GE Sub and Main panel from 1969 appears to be ALUM can annyone verify. I was going to recommend changing both sub and /main based on age and condition any advise

Here is the Sub

Which conductors are you concerned about? the multi-strand AL conductors are not an issue. If you are going to recommend something like a panel change you better know what you are talking about :slight_smile: otherwise fall on the safe side and defer to a licensed electrician.

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Normally I would but this is for a Four Point Inpsection and feel the insurance company will not accept the box

Based on what would they not accept it? stranded AL SEC/feeders were not the issue. At most, it could use some dielectric grease and proper torque.

What would be the reason for the panel not to be accepted?

There are issues like the doubled conductors in the bottom lugs and the lack of OCP.

The orange NM cable also needs a connector to secure it to the panel.

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doubles on disconnect
if I was the insurance co that would not be acceptable


Are you saying the remote panel lacks OCPD?

What about the NM to the right of the orange one?

SE feeders looks like strand Al.
Worry more about the double lugging. Appears to be 12 AWG copper circuit conductors terminating on the 100 amp main disconnect lugs. Dissimilar metals.

Missed that one. Thought the white above was a connector.

The small conductors leaving the right side of the panel do not have OCP.

Bushings are missing

Aluminum feeders could use an oxidizing inhibitor