Photo needed: manufacturer's label with key info

I need a high resolution photo of an electrical service panel manufacturer’s label clearly showing the following information:

                 1.     The amperage rating of the panel. This rating must not be less than that of the main disconnect. This is the most important information on any label.
  1. The type of panel. This is a number code that corresponds to the locations in which the panel is designed to be installed (interior, exterior, raintight, rain resistant, rain protected, etc.)
  2. Grounding and bonding diagram- important in identifying the bonding screw.
  3. The listing agency certifying that the equipment complies with manufacturing standards, typically ANCE, UL, or may be both.
  4. Whether it is designed as service equipment or a distribution panel
  5. The number of phases and voltage for which it as designed- typically single phase 120.240
  6. The number of circuits it is designed to contain. This means full size circuit breakers. This number may be exceeded if duplex, triplex or quadplex breakers are used.
  7. The maximum overcurrent device short circuit voltage- typically 10,000v.

Please email to if you can help.

Why don’t you go down to Lowes or Home Depot and open a box and take a pic?

I don’t think Mexico has Home Depot

Go down to Taco Bell then … Gheeze!..:slight_smile:

That would be hard to get in one pic?

We’ve got Home Depots, Office Depots, Wallmart, Sam’s Cub, etc. but you have to get permission to shoot photos in Home Depot and all they had were main lug panels. No labels with the information I need.

Kenton, yhm

Got your photos John, thanks!


They play Beatles and ZZ Top in Home Depot.