Panel Rating question

6 year old home. Panel rating sticker question. See attached picture #4.
Does this mean the largest circuit breaker should be 30 Amps within the panel?

Looks like yes if it a single pole breaker .
If a welder or electric furnace they are two pole and could require a larger breaker .
That’s the way I read it.

So if it is a 2 pole 50 amp its ok? The rating is for single poles correct?

Thats the way I read it

Thanks Roy

I agree with Roy - max 30A for any single-pole (120V) breaker, and up to 225A for a double-pole (240V) breaker.

Do you have wider shot of the label? I believe that some relevant information is missing from the existing photo and those are footnotes to information provided to the right side of the label.

Me Agrees with Robert…Need a wider shot!

My guess is that those four numbers are footnotes to information out of the photo.