Electrical panel rating question

Attached is a picture of electrical panel rating label. To insure that I understand it correctly, #4 states that 15-30A only. Does this mean that there shouldn’t be a breaker larger than 30amps within the panel? The reason for my question, there is a 60 amp circuit breaker within the panel. I have looked high and low, but have been unable to find defenitions. If someone would be so kind to educate me I would greatly appreciate it.

Do you have a photo of the entire label? It appears that the numbers (1), (2), (3) and (4) apply to the table at the right that is cut off.

I agree - it’s a footnote, i.e., footnote 3 says you can only use 125-225a TDQ type breakers. There is a type of breaker that you can only use 15-30a, probably tandem.

Attached are additional photos

The footnote relates to the table to determine the AIR (ampere interrupting rating) of the panel with different circuit breakers installed.

The portion of the label in photo #3 where it says “Use only GE type breakers:” lists the allowable circuit breakers.

Thanks for the reply.