Service rating

Hey guys this panel description is confusing me.

It says 125A max rating but at the top it says something about 150A and 200A breakers. There was a 200 A breaker in the panel. Can someone help me determine the rating of the panel?

Pleeeaaaaase :slight_smile:

No love here …:slight_smile: but it is 125 amp rating for the panel from what I see.

A nice kick back shot would have helped also plus what was the main breaker rated at …100 amps right?

Do you have a photo of the entire label?

That is what I was thinking too Bob with the 125 amp rating.

No the main breaker was 200 amps. If it was 100 I would not have had a question.

My guess is that the 125 amp is the largest branch circuit breaker that can be installed not the main. As mentioned some additional photo’s would help. :smiley:

Hmm apparently I am not the only one with this question

The panels come with the main breaker installed already. That’s why it says see main breaker rating but doesn’t list it on the panel label.

Robert you were right. 125a is the largest circuit breaker that can be installed. Thanks for the responses

Funny I vaguely remember that thread from 5 years ago. :cool:

Really? It didnt receive any answers

I’m surprised it didn’t receive at least a few responses. We usually have someone who will comment on just about anything over at MH. :slight_smile:

Hahaha. I have never posted anything there but I have found a few answers from the board. When I was reading the question I was pretty excited to know someone had the same problem only to be let down by scrolling down and finding no answers!

Man…still no love for first correct answer ?

Lol I’m just stringing you along