Panels of all types found around the USA!

Found in a bathroom of a 1920’s house in East Los Angeles… Installed by the homeowners “friend”… Fed from a 35A “multibreaker” The cloth wire attached to the ground bus & exiting the screw hole in the back of the can goes under the house & “wraps” around a steel water line

The burn marks were caused by a torch when the wires were soldered. This equipment was found in Nebraska in a refrigerator that served as the cabinet for this “Home Made” Panelboard!

And, as if this wasn’t bad 'nuff, the seller is a Journeyman Electrician!

This great little loadcenter was the supply for an above ground spa.
It was mounted about 18" above the ground in a flowerbed, where it was watered regularly.

The cover was nowhere to be found.

This was what was running the sprinkler system until about a week before they put the house on the market.

Brilliant Joe!!!

“Think of it as evolutionin action.”

“Stupid people die in stupid ways.”

Nice images Joe…Amazing what people will do…Their is the difference in one of the pictures…lol…you said a journeyman Electrician did it…see…thats the difference between a Journeyman and a Master…lol…

These images are on the old board and I did not write the part about the electrician.

I believe Harvey was the Inspector on this job.

lol…I was being Funny Joe…lol…trying anyway…lol

Inside Electrician Joke…when around Journeymans while being a Master…gets laughs at the local apprentice meetings…lol


The X-Files have nothing on these. Our Y-Files are Code Violations so obvious they are almost comical. (But they are not) Electrical Safety is not something to take lightly … With that said, here we will present the Best of the Best (?) in Electrical Code Violations.

What are Y-Files? We call them that because, when you see them, the first thing that comes to mind is Y (Why) would they do this? and What were they thinking???

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Photo courtesy of: JOE TEDESCO

I can’t believe that guy “made” his own panel, he should have made a casket for himself while he was at it.

Bump, note the date, still worth discussing again.

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Joe- feel free to add this one to your trophy case:)
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Main Panel transformed to a junction box as I called it out as a safety hazard (wet location, improperly supported)- this was the “repair” made by an electrician.

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I will use it. Please post the picture from the rain site too showing the panels.