Paper faced insulation exposed in attic

I see a lot of paper faced insulation laid over existing insulation in attics with paper exposed. There is a label right on the paper that says this is wrong due to flamablity. I need some input as to how to write this up or if it is allowed here in Florida, Thanks

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Not sure what others would say but attach picture that about sums it up.

Insulation installed improperly see attached photo :slight_smile:

I would check with the maker. It may be ok used in attics but not walls?

It will trap moisture and cause mold.
Installed incorrectly.

There is a type of rolled insulation without the backing that is supposed to be used when existing insulation is present.


LMAO…read the label. To prevent a fire keep open flames away from it. So I guess to prevent a fire, the first step is not to set it on fire. Good thinking! Shame we are ina society where this is needed.

No, its not allowed in florida, the paper should be against the sheetrock. Wrong product, and should be removed.

Probably won’t happen. Just pay someone a days wage to go in there and seperate the paper fron the insulation. Quick and fairly easy. Add additional insulation as needed.

You are dead right there, as far as removal goes, but that is not my idea of an easy days work, can you imagine being stuck in an attic all day in a tyvek suit, mask and gloves, trying to peel that crap apart. There is nothing quick or easy about it, especially in the confines of an attic.

You obviously haven’t witnessed firsthand the individuals who would do this kind of work!;-):wink: Shorts, sneakers, no shirt or any protection of any kind.
$200.00 later, all is well!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


And for less than $200 I would be willing to gambel.

I have, and I wouldn’t hire them, or let them near any jobsite i work on. If a worker isn’t wearing the right kit, they won’t touch a damn thing. I can just see the lawsuit when they come tumbling through the ceiling, or gets some of that crap in their eye. Just because you can get something done cheaply doesn’t mean you should. That $200 wouldn’t seem so cheap if you get a claim on workers comp, or against your homeowners insurance for that matter.
Also the original question was “I need some input into how to write it up.” Somehow writing " Get someone in to do a half-arsed job" doesn’t seem the appropriate solution.

Recommend you get a qualified Person to remove or repair incorrect installed paper backed Insulation for the attic .

Let the client figure out what they wish to do most end up doing nothing .
It is not my responsibility to tell them what to do or how to do it… Roy

Since this is located in a hot/humid climate zone, the kraft face paper which has a perm rating of 0.1 is considered a vapor barrier and would technically be facing the right way. Although not properly installed to be affective, might not be wrong.
In order to be fire rated, it would have to meet the 25/50 (flame spread/smoke developed rating), but then again, this is not in an occupied space which is similar to a crawlspace.
I would suggest checking with the AHJ in your area. :slight_smile:

That wan’t what I was saying. It is what is more than likely going to happen. If you had been doing this more than 2 years, you would have had a clue that I was joking.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

You would be right but typically the original insulation already has a vapor barrier, usually against the dry wall. We usually use unfaced batts in this case as faced ones will trap humid air and cause condensation.

At my place the Inspector observed it upside down and recommended slitting it or perforating it.