Pasco County Homebuyer Assistance Program approves InterNACHI members!

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Mr. Cohen

Inspectors from your organization are authorized to do inspections in
connection with Pasco County Homebuyer Assistance Program loans. Thank
you for contacting us with your concerns

George Romagnoli

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Thank you. We will wait to hear from you.

In addition to the link that I sent you, you may also want to view our
client’s standards of practice, which may be found at:


InterNACHI is far ahead of the other major organizations in offering
educational opportunities to its member online, and we feel this
benefits consumers in states such as Florida because it easier for some
inspectors to learn and share ideas this way. I encourage you to visit
our client’s website at]( . I think you will be favorably

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I am happy that when I did a “Cut & Paste” of one of our members concerns that you took immediate action.

This is just one more example of hwy NACHI is head and shoulders above the rest!

Keep up the Good Work!

Quote Frank Carrio:
One of the things that you will find on this “Bulletin board” is the fact that sometimes… “questions are answered and…things get done”.

For example… The written and verbal interaction is not confined to the message board and when the membership feels that “some thing” needs attention they do a “Cut & Paste” and send it to NACHI HQ for further scrutiny and resolution.

If after review, NACHI HQ feels that the situation justifies further action, as in this particular case then steps are taken.

I am glad that you brought this to “NACHI’s” attention and that Nick & The Gang could and did take prompt action.
End Quote:

Dear Mr. Gromicko,

The inspection my husband and I were supposed to do in Pasco was for a friends father. He copied the report and gave it to my husband. He is very unhappy and quite confused. He doesn’t know what to make of it and frankly, neither do I. Everything in the report is “serviceable”. What does that mean? If it’s okay with you I would like to send a copy of the report and would like to know what you think of it. None of my reports look or read like this. By the way, the inspector reported that the sprinkler system was inoperable. After the inspector left the owner and buyer went out and plugged the system in and it worked just fine. I know we do non invasive reports but this is kindof silly. They don’t have the square footage of the home notated anywhere in the report. I’m sorry to once again bother you with this, but I still feel ASHI is an overrated joke and this report is a joke.

Let me know, I would be happy to send you a copy of the report. I know it’s confidential, but the buyer is really upset about the whole ordeal. If you’d like I will also include one of my reports for you to look over and compare. These guys are getting away with murder. Thank you again for all you and InterNACHI’s support.

Stacey D. Horan

Stacey writes:

The word is getting out to all the lenders and agents. ASHI doesn’t even have any entrance requirements (anyone can join ASHI with just a valid credit card), and they use the same minimum standard, low bar, everyone-passes exam for full membership that many states use to license newbies fresh out of school.

Just like WalMart is your source for cheap plastic crap… ASHI is your source for inspectors who have minimal or zero qualifications.

Thank you Nick and John. You nailed it Nick, anyone can join. I love their websites too. “Only use ASHI Certified Inspectors, if their not ASHI, don’t use them”.

Yeah, ASHI is totally nuts recommending their own members. Borderline consumer fraud.

Awesome, thanks again, I will be visiting Pasco County very soon and dropping off some paperwork.

Do we have an official letter from Pasco county? And is there a special form that Pasco is using and do we have a copy of it? So many questions, so little time! If you have a contact number for someone I’ll be more than glad to find out what we need to do to make this work.
This is good, I just had a mortgage friend of mine tell me about this form and that Pasco was only allowing ASHI to do it. I was going to post about it and then I find this link. Great job Mark, Nick, and NACHI!

Yes, post #1.

Being an InterNACHI member is as good as gold, all over the world.

I have contacted Mr. Romagnoli and I will let you know what is going to be required, plus whatever forms Pasco County uses.

I met with the head of the Pasco County Homebuyer Assistance Program yesterday morning to dicuss what they were looking for and what forms they were using.
First, there is no specific form. In order for the home buyer to apply for the assistance they just need to get an inspection on the property. They did request that the report state the life expectancy left in the major items.
Second, there is no specific list that they use for referring home inspectors. Curently, they are telling buyers that the home inspector needs to be a member of either InterNACHI or ASHI. Again, they do not give a list of specific inspectors to the buyers.
I did supply her with a copy of the 4 point inspection form we use for Citizen’s as a reference if she was interested in developing a specific form for their program, and I told her we would be more than glad to help her any way we could.