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As an inspector TREC #21519 I understand the problems with payment companies like Square and Paypal.

We are offering an exclusive deal just for InterNachi Members. This deal includes a FREE Clover Go (Mobile Reader).

If you are processing more than $5,000 per month we can save you roughly $40/month if you’re using Square and $55/month if you’re using Paypal.

Now I know $55/ month doesn’t sound like a lot, but at the end of the year you will have an extra $660 in your pocket.

We are also offering our cash/debit discount program which will eliminate all credit card fees.

Check out the exclusive offer link below.

If you have any questions feel free to book a 15 minute call with me via the website, email me, or call me direct at my cell.


Randy Stiles
Regional Manager

Curious what problems are you talking about regarding PayPal? I’ve been using it for 15 years and never have any problems.


Paypal can sometime hold money for an extended period of time until your account is cleared by a representative. They also don’t have anyone you can actually speak with. Lastly 2.90% for a transaction (because it’s online) is very high.

Hi Randy, The one and only time I had an issue with a PayPal payment was when my client’s bank disputed the payment for security reasons because it was an “unusual” payment from her account. She was taken off guard because there was no communication from her bank regarding this. She couldn’t even remember which card she used and called all her credit card banks. No help on their part.

I called PayPal, talked to a representative and they were able to tell me the bank that initiated the dispute. I relayed the info to my client and she contacted the bank after they had already denied it was them. Ahhh, but looking into it further, the bank “found” it and corrected it.

If it wasn’t for me contacting and talking to a PayPal rep, the issue could have been strung out much longer,

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That can definitely happen as well.

Ditto that… 21 years for me… ZERO problems. In fact, they discovered and blocked two separate attempts at hacking my account, with no BS hassles on their part!! $600 annually is chump change for the peace of mind from a quality provider!!


Glad to know you’ve had no problems. You could have the best of both worlds with us… $600 in your pocket and the same if not better service.

I’m thinking that you’ve confused us with Facebook. :thinking:

Ain’t gonna happen.

Just to clarify:

Not true at all.
If you’re using their site or app, you can get on the phone in seconds with support, and they have always repaired/fixed/corrected etc whatever I’ve needed.

Been using them since 2004, fee structure is predictable and clients trust them (just an FYI).

I use their mobile card reader for onsite transactions (when applicable) and the rate is 2.7%, but yes, it’s higher when remote or online.

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Well, the offer is live for all of those who would like to investigate further.

This is the regional manager.

:laughing: thanks for catching that. Auto correct on the phone.

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I understand Randy……first impressions.

if you accept payments through paypal using their QR code the fee’s are only 1.9 %
you can print it out and have customers scan it with their phone to pay.

Standard rate for receiving domestic transactions

Transaction Type Rate
Commercial Transactions - Online 2.90% + fixed fee
Commercial Transactions – In-Store 2.70% + fixed fee
PayPal’s pay later offers 2.90% + fixed fee
QR code Transactions – 10.01 USD and above 1.90% + fixed fee
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