Need help on age and capacity. This is a Payne heat pump, mn/pf1mnb030 / sn/0605a85635


I’d say it’s the 6th week of '05

Would you know the capacity by chance? This is a heat pump, unlike btu’s for a gas furnace, I guess.


Ditto 2005, it looks like it could be a 2.5 ton with the 30 in the model number.

What was the square footage of the home?

I agree.

2.5 ton manufactured in 2005.

It was aprox. 1800- 2100. Are heat pumps calculated the same way AC units are?

Yes, Gary.

The tonnage calculations remain the same. The heat pump and A/C systems are manufactured the same way, just the heat pump has a few more parts. The heat pump uses the compressor and back up heat to heat the home. Straight cool units use gas or electric heat strips to heat the home.

Thanks to all.