PB at inspection

Who said PB has issues?? Todays inspection, leaking at the fitting on the water supply to the water heater. Buyers agent was also sellers agent, when the Client (attached to my hip the whole inspection) said" Ohhhh Hellen (agent),… come see what the inspector found" The agent walked in and said, “F***” and then said, OH, sorry! :mrgreen:

Slow leak that had gone un noticed (water heater closet) Nice mold growth that penetrated into the walls and who knows where else. Hence the F bomb by the agent!!


So… how’d the buyer react, peter?

I educated them about the PB, but the home had alot more issues then just the PB - plumbing leak - and mold. Also needed roof repairs, siding rot, etc. Will find out in a few days if they call me to inspect something else! :smiley:

Peter… what’s PB?

PB 2110


It’a latin for re-pipe the house Kenton.:slight_smile:



I am not always a quick study Joe, but eventualy I get it.:slight_smile:

PB = Polybutylene

I’m not a supporter of PB. But to be fair all types of plumbing pipes leak at some point in time. The leaks with PB that are of major concern are the catastrophic failures.

I thought you were talking about Peanut Butter, and I was gonna say “What’s the problem?!”

(not really, but thought I’d make a funny)

Yea like when the seller throws some rat bait in the attic to drive out the rats, you know the stuff that makes them dehydrate and look for water. Guess where they find it!

Someone said something that is generally not known about plumbing leaks. A typical homeowner’s policy (HO3) will cover those damages from a catastrophic leak but does not cover damages from slow, seeping leaks (or backed up sewer pipes). Something to be aware of when detailing or downplaying those kinds of leaks. I believe the insurance company figures if it is a slow leak the homeowner should be aware of it and correct it before it gets to the point of major damage. I know personally I have found old leaks under sinks with a pot or bucket installed to catch the water, meanwhile the cabinet is falling apart and moldy.

How can anyone be a a supporter of PB. The chlorine in the water will rot these pipe from the inside out. From, my understanding, PB has a live expectancy of about 25 years. It is not a point of if this pipe will leak, but when.

Maybe if penaut butter is spread around the fiitings it will last longer (sorry - couldnt resist).

Just wrong. Use jelly, then it’s “PB & J”. :wink:


PB Also = Lead # 82 on the **periodic table :slight_smile: **

That was my point about any type of plumbing system.

When talking about PB or any plumbing “leaks” it might be a good idea to differentiate between, weep, drip, leak and flooding type of leaks.

Some PB is known to flood.

If the PB was installed after about 1990 with the updated crimp rings AND on a private well system it does not have the issues as PB is known for.
In this particular case I still report it but leave the client with the decision on whether or not to call a plumber.