Wind Mit form

Just wondering what programs or options are out there to fill out the wind mit form. I use HIP, but I do not want to use the iphone app. Should I buy a pdf filler to fill out the form or buy a program like windsurance? and with an online program like that do I need to get the clients signiture online, how do I get them to fill out the form if I do it all online? thanks in advance for any tips.

Make your own. best $19.99 you will ever spend. Free tools alone worth it.

Quite a few around here have listened to my wisdom and are using it.

I have the newest acrobat and still use Easy Peasy :slight_smile:

I’ve done hundreds of reports via pdfill, it works but still a pain in the azz.
Just go here and be done searching …

No way man :slight_smile: Descriptions of photos. If they do not know what they are looking at I sure am not going to teach them their job. FOrm does not require descriptions and I have NEVER been asked for them.


There is none, if you choose, or as much as you feel necessary in the App.
I personally don’t label anything and have never been asked to do so…

John Shishilla has a form for sale that is similar to the one I made:

You can do as little as you like, but don’t ***** about having to only charge 75 bucks! :mrgreen: has a form.

There is anther guy selling a knock off of my form also.

Damn… I’m in the wrong business! I converted all my pdf’s to forms long ago for my personal consumption. These guys above are getting more for the blank fill-able forms than an inspection goes for these days. :wink:

PS: Although, I’ve always wondered why the powers that be (namely Citizens!) do not provide fill-able forms when they author them to begin with! (namely their Wind Mit & 4 Point)

On a side note: Do yourselves a favor and DO NOT submit your final reports in it’s editable form, where fields can be altered! For Acrobat users there is an “action” that you can create that will flatten the form and lock it from further edits, w/o the need to password protect the fill-able form.


And what about getting the customers signature? With either windsurance or pdfill.

I may have to start charging for advise! :slight_smile:

This is what I send to my clients:

We have all forms signed on a tablet(windows, android or ipad). It makes the agent’s job easier.

This is an actual signature(electronically with a pen/stylus) not a software based digital signature.

Once you save it and transmit it digitally…:mrgreen:

I do it the way I described above, because Citizens asked me to.

Not if they print it:p:twisted:

Then sign it again and send it carrier pigeon? :mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

Are implying that smoke signals are not permitted? That is discrimination.

Only problem is then idiots at citizens cannot work with them if protected. Or at least that is what they have told me 10+ times. I just send un protected as a pdf not fillable then if altered I have original. No problems since doing that.

Image type sig is best and never questioned.

I would be retired if I charged for advice. To bad most are to cheap to pay what folks are worth. That is what is wrong with the whole profession :frowning:

Hell, I even give it to my direct competition constantly. No one can ever say I have not offered to help WHENEVER asked by anyone no matter who they are or where they work.

I likely answer a few questions every week. I sleep well at night knowing I am not a prick :slight_smile:

Too bad I cannot make the living I used to :frowning:

I “believe” what they consider “protected” means password protected… not what I do, which is “flatten”. Sounds like we accomplish basically the same? What this Acrobat action essentially does is uses the current open, fill-able form and flattens all of the forms attributes (form entries, pics, annotations, etc) so that none of the final pdf can be altered, although they can open, print, share, view, etc uninhibited and also perform copy-n-paste operations on the text portions only. (no stealing of photos or scanned signatures!) It’s basically like the original OIR-B1-1802 before we converted it to fill-able. :wink:

So no one can “inadvertently” alter your final report submission… and no password to perform the above operations is required. It saves the flattened pdf with a new filename in the same working directory as your fill-able, working form, which is still present and editable by you… the author/owner. Now… if the brilliant Citizens employees can’t work with that… well, never mind. :roll:

  • again… only good for Acrobat users.
    ** Citizens recently baulked at one of my mits… stating they could not make out my signature as the licensed inspector. I admit, my sig is a MESS so since the OIR-B1-1802 author(s) didn’t have the foresight to include a “Print Name” line, I started printing my name on the “Title” line. I’ll probably catch hell for being non-compliant next! LOL

Protected or not, there is nothing that they need to “work with”.

As most do, just get a print driver that prints to PDF. Then, then document can’t be changed.
Unless, you wanted to truly commit fraud and use a program, like Adobe Professional to add new fields, change everything, then print it to a PDF file.

If you send it unsecured, then all someone wold have to do is just un-check a box, change a picture, and then a client could get credit they didn’t deserve.

It would also allow someone who got a hold of your unsecured report, to start using the software and your design free.

I print the form with PrimoPDF and add security to all my reports. I have only had one or two agents have a problem with it.

I also use a digital signature on all the reports. Some of them complained when the signature was printed but I changed it to a script digital signature a few years ago and have not had a single complaint.