Wind Mit form 2012

Here is my copy of the wind mit form 2012(ver 1). Let me know what you think. Thanks

It locked up my system for a minute or so. What did you create it with and how do you get it to automatically add the address at bottom of page and such?

Overall looks good. It seems like a very large file. What will happen to the size of it when adding pictures?

John how much and can I get a copy please?

The size is larger because of the comments. I have never had an issue emailing. We always print to pdf first, it makes it smaller and secures it. Some of the tricks are done in xml including click to insert images and auto filling.
I just made it so you can only check one box(where appropriate). So if you click a box and change your mind it automatically unchecks the wrong box.

Images should be inserted at 640x480(files the image box)

Yes, Send me an email

What is the price please?

Thanks for the info. Did you use acrobat 10?

Acrobat 9 Pro. I was afraid to upgrade. Many people do not even have 9 yet.

Price is based on what you get and how you want it.

Some people use tablets, some do not. Some get a package deal with my four point and roof cert form. Those who paid in the past get a deal, always.

awesome…ordered, thanks John

I haven’t upgraded either.
I did mine and Lifecycle.

Mike, if you want something to appear in several places, just copy the original text box and place it where you want it. When you type into it, it will auto populate everywhere else.

Thanks Eric, Is that with acrobat? I have not messed with it to much as I am accustomed to pdf fill.

Everything Adobe always seems slow for some reason?

Yes, it was Mike.
You can also rename the existing boxes to the same name and it will auto populate.

If you take a document and start a new form, Adobe asks if you want it to detect any fields. It got most of them on this form, except for the check boxes. I did this form in Adobe Pro first, then modified it in Lifecycle.
That way you can change the date boxes to calenders and also make the one click picture boxes.

Love the drop down for the pics:D
Will we be able to add chioces to the drop downs?

I couldn’t. You can type things in manually, but they will not be saved in the list.

On my form, I made the first four pictures front, rear, left, and right views and they are not changed. The next four are truss spacing, decking, and roof attachment (2). They do not change.
I also only have four pictures per page.

If you set your pdf reader to remember entered text, you probably won’t need the dropdown boxes for anything.

John, you spelled “Tongue” wrong.:mrgreen:

It is very common for me to have multilpe pics for one or two elevations so static lables would not work

A poor choice of words on my part. The labels can be changed under all of the pictures. For me, I am following the Citizens guideline. The first 8 pictures on my wind mits are always the same. I can add others as well as labels as needed.

For the benefit of all inspectors I do not currently label pictures because it causes the insurance agencies to expect it. Nowhere on the forM does it state that it must be done and is causes more work than necessary.

I am still looking for these answers, anyone?

What is excessive corrosion and who decides? Who is going to put rulers next to straps and take pictures. Come on be honest if you will. Me, not a chance.

Sure I will, if the homeowner has removed the exterior soffit for so I can just put my ladder under and stick my head up there and be done.