Pedestal toilet

I inspected a 1930 build and found this toilet in the basement. I would suggest that the drain waste line would have had to be installed after the original concrete basement slab was poured. As can be seen, the concrete floor was covered with linoleum, so it could not be determined if the concrete slab had been cut to install the drain plumbing for this toilet, a shower and bathroom sink.

The toilet was installed on built-up concrete with wood supporting the front of the toilet. The toilet was secure and functional with no leaks observed.

Any thoughts or comments?

Looks to me like bad planning when they dug in the toilet drain line.(must be after slab pour)
Assuming the flange is sealed to the toilet and the drain line is angled properly you should still comment on the human waste smell that must be clinging to the front wood.

That should be mounted to the floor properly.

Note: If, as you stated, the flange is sealed, there should be NO “human waste” odor. (Wood removed) the concrete just needs to be build up for full support to avoid cracking. Other than cosmetics, there is no other issue here.

I am talking about the wood Jeff.
It is an issue unless you think mopping up around that thing the wood does not absorb anything plus it will rot over time.

I always tell people to seal around the rim unless they like human waste staying inside the rim.

Hope you understand or do you mount yours with wood ?

“Seal that toilet floor point and if above the basement they should leave a gap in back to indicate leaks before damage sets in”.

Below is a comment recommendation in my reports I will share here …

I recommend silicon be used around the base of the toilets, leaving a small gap in the back,
which will help indicate if the toilet leaks rather than channeling water to the floor below.

Why risk anything? State that the installation was not from a qualified plumber (i doubt a plumber worth his salt would install that)and recommend an evaluation by a qualified plumber and then have him repair or replace as needed.

Obviously you only read what you want to read. Try again.

Btw… do you frequently crap or pee on the floor in front of the toilet? That would be the only way for “human waste” to be absorbed into the wood! Ever hear of a thing called a “wax ring”?

Sorry, but that installation reeks of an amateur and by default the rest of the plumbing is put into question. Write it up.

By the way, if u had too much to drink, you might very well miss the toilet…

Jeff you are the number one example of how internet forum posters continue lost arguments.
Maybe in the backwoods that install is high quality but not to my clients and never will be,as mopping will cause the human waste to remain stuck to that wood and perhaps that is not a problem when you drink and pee on the floor ?


Just submit to the facts and stop beating the dead horse friend.

So, what exactly is *your *“write up” on this?

Typical response from a “lost cause” liberal! :roll:

Again… Huh?
Guess you never see my Tribune editorial comments critical of the administration.
Oops stage two of lost argument.
Change the subject. Lol

To put an end to this back-and-forth, going nowhere conversation… I have one simple question… to anyone…

IF there was concrete in place of the wood lumber…

If yes, WHY?

The term “material defect” does not include a defect that-- has an insignificant or de minimis effect on the operation or functioning of an item;
affects only a component of an item that, as a whole, substantially operates or functions as designed;
or has an insignificant or de minimis effect on the afficency of the service provided.:slight_smile:

Smart man! :smiley:

“An ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”[1]), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument.”:mrgreen:



In conclusion Jeff would inspect the toilet for his client and say nothing about the mop strings with brown material sticking to them wrapped around the wood because the toilet is flushing anyway.

How about you Marcel ?

Not my idea of a quality report .

The toilet, although functioning as designed, has been installed in an unorthodox fashion and substandard to the normal installations and may cause unsanitary issues in the future.
I would recommend a plumbing contractor to reinstall per standard installations. :slight_smile: