Peel and Stick Vinyl

What does anyone think about the instalation of Peel and Stick VCT flooring in a 2nd floor bathroom and kitchen of a new construction home?:roll:

Cheap …Roy

All I can say is, LOL…:stuck_out_tongue:

Can you really say they have installed a cheap product? Nope!

Personal choice.

If owner built, I can see cutting that corner, if the desired finish is expensive, and the build went way over budget. Peel & Stick will get them by & is easy to remove, when they can afford their first choice of flooring.

Was THERE Problem with it? If not not our problem , would i want it nope.

yes, your right.
But there is a reason a commercial code would not alow this in a kitchen or bathroom. I sent the home buyer some info on it. In the kitchen it looked like wood and the new home seller actually advertised it a engineered wood. The client was not to happy when I showed her it was peel and stick.
The entire new house was built with products like this. CHEAP. In ten years the buyer will need to change out most of the products in the house.

So would you put it in your report , or did you just mention it to her. Just asking.
I would not , but i would mention it to her.

It is an inexpensive finished product that serves its purpose for those on a budget, even in a newer home (lower end). Great for the do-it-yourself home owner. Installation is easy and quick.

I however; would never use it in a bathroom because of the high amounts of moisture associated in bathrooms. I would not use it in the kitchen area because of the high traffic associated in this area. A few dollars more and a little extra effort will provide a more durable flooring.

I would not call-it-out to my client, written or oral, unless I observed a deficiency in the workmanship or product.


Well I mentioned it to her verbily that it was not a good idea. I also sent her a link to the manufacturer that reads it is OK for bathrooms. I called out the gaps at the edging showing plywood subfloor.

Yes James that is all you can do. good post though gets you thinking

Cheap yes but if that’s what you get in that price range well then that’s what you get. It isn’t a commercial property and yes it might need replacing in 10 yrs. if the builder misreprestented it inform your client,his knowledge or credibility is in question

Inspected a new construction condo yesterday and wanted to scream it was built so cheap.

I prefer to use the word inexpensive products used.

Therefore the finished product may look substandard in quality and the estimated life expectancy of the product may be decreased substantially compared with the more median products available. :slight_smile:

did you also mention the lousy installation? The one thing which can’t be outsourced, labor and the contractor couldn’t get that right! pathetic.