Peer Review and Mentoring

Nick - isn’t it great I got elected as the peer review and mentoring Vice president for Nachi management! I know you would love the idea of me MENTORING people so you can have about another 50 of ME on the message board!

Thanks for all you did and do. We may not see eye to eye all the time…well most of the time, well some of the time…OK we seldom see eye to eye. But I do see what you do and am grateful for it. Thanks…


Congrats!.. Is this a new program? Maybe you can elaborate on your new position and the program.

Its something started just here in Florida. I have no idea if it will be a smash hit or a failure.

My premise and goal has always been to belong to an organization that promotes true professionalism. Some people see it as training their competition, I see it as upping the quality of an inspection and obtaining a higher fee. I will give up 10% of my market share to another qualified, competent, professional inspector if I can get people to realize we are worth 20% more. Make sense? Do less, make more.

I had a fellow new inspector ride along for about a week with me and really enjoyed teaching what I know. I am sure he learned some things and decided not to do others, and thats great. I will feed the information and they can eat and snack on what they want.

The incompetence, ignorance and unprofessionalism is what give our profession a bad name. We can NEVER eliminate it, but we can squeeze it out much more than what it is.

Now what if I take reports that were given by newbies and then they went through a mentoring program and peer review and after 6 months got another report from them.

Now if I took these reports to my representative and got others to do the same, we can physically show the progress of what EXPERIENCE means rather then just formal school type education. Showed them how this greatly protects the public by providing professional inspections.

Get our leaders to realize, Florida has NOTHING without tourism and Real Estate (oranges maybe) and how we can became the countries leader in protecting the public.

Is it all a dream? Maybe, but I am sure all things start out as a dream and idea. If I fail at this whats the worst that can happen? I make a few friends and help a few people out. I really see no downside.


If you build it they will come

Delighted… :smiley:

In regards to “Newbie” reports… The computer literate newbies write as good a report as anyone, the software created today can make any shake-&-bake newbie look like an expert, scary when you think about it. Just sayin’

I am not looking at the aesthetics of the report, but the content of the inspection and how it will be conveyed to the client in its written format. Good point, any other input?

Russell writes about me:

I notice everything and my opinion of you changed on a dime when I saw you helping clean up the room with trash bag in hand after the meeting on Friday. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

I guess some of the newer inspectors still have the “Andy, Andy, I found an outlet cover missing, a globe missing from a light fixture, cracks in the driveway… you wouldn’t believe it. Otis, Gomer and I are very concerned… we’re gonna have Emmit come over and look”

All this and missing the bigger picture, like all the interior doors have been planed a 1/2" in areas and evidence of patchwork above doors and windows.

Sorry… Not part of the (fill in the blank with the name of your favorite reporting software) boilerplate narratives. :mrgreen:

I see you volunteered to be on the board of the Florida Insurance Inspectors Chapter ( It seems the scope would be only for insurance inspections performed by members of the Chapter, specifically to satisfy Inspection Depot requirements as a designated management association or to satisfy standards in an attempt to become a preferred insurance carrier inspector.

NACHI Management ( has a wider scope which seems to include home inspections.

Is Florida Insurance Chapter Association and NACHI Management one in the same, and is it your intent (goal) to facilitate peer review of Chapter members home inspection reports?

My intent is to help all people with Home Inspection reports. It is not my goal to help with the insurance part that is another entity and John is the president of that entity.

I truly love my profession. I enjoy going to work and meeting new people and performing a service that sometimes saves them thousands of dollars.

All chapter members can take advantage of this program. It’s not mandatory and the comments of their work will not be presented in a public forum without approval from the inspector.

I really do think what if my parents hired a uneducated unprofessional inspector for their purchase? My parent when they came here paid cash for their house and it was a chunk of their savings. If the house was no where close to the condition the inspector said it was in, they would have been financially stuck.

Once again, I am just here to help for those who want it. Not mandatory or required. I was lucky enough to go through mentoring for 1 year before ever going on my own. He’ll, I still learn things today! I could have never images doing it without the mentoring, the formal schooling. I just want to give back to an industry I am passionate about and love.

No, NACHI Management and the Insurance Inspectors Chapter are 2 different entities.

If you ever start seeing eye to eye with Nick, be concerned, be very concerned!:slight_smile:

I take it, you are still cleaning the toilets at NACHI headquartes?:smiley:

Congratulations, Russell! You are the very few here, that I could see, make this program work. I hope the program spreads to other states. It is well needed.

We shall see…we shall see…

Im interested. Did I read somewhere you have a house for mock inspections? How about group training courses. Full home inspection, Insurance, ect? I could bring like 10 people or so, who would pay. Ill do a mock wind mit. When can we come Russ?

PAY? I will have NONE of that. I want to HELP people, not profit from them. I will do what I have to do free and even if it costs me a few bucks.

The house will be on Sanibel, it has gulf front private beach access where the inspector can inspect and the wife/family can sit on the beach. Its a wood frame $4,000,000 property and about 4000 SQ feet. I am looking at March or April.

If there is money to be paid, maybe it can go to the legislative fund. They can donate any amount they want to help Greg Bell and his mission.

yeah, the $ can go to legislative, nachi nickels, or whatever. im not tryin to be greedy russ

I’m not goin’, where do you want the check sent? :smiley: