NACHI Attendance for Public hearing on Uniform Mitigation

We are just shy of two weeks out from this hearing. I’m sure leadership within the Florida chapter has some ideas about items that we should be most concerned about. I know that I do.

I would like to know who is planning to attand? I think those who are serious about attending and willing contribute in a productive manner, should start to organize.

I will be at the meeting. I would like to assist leadership if needed.

:smiley: Remember gentlemen, our words are being viewed by those with deep pockets and a strong finnacial interest in limiting who can perform these inspections. So please respond appropiately.

(I know, I’m as guilty as anybody else)…:roll:

Not me. Good luck to you all.

I will keep my opinions to myself on who should be able to do these inspections. Do not ask me.

Russ, me and possibly Preston will be attending. I have sent an email from the to Fl Home and Insurance Inspectors Chapter(350 people) requesting feedback via email. We will be having a board meeting on the 15th and this will be a topic. FlNachi also stated they are sending reps.

We(FLHII) will be making some key points only. We realize that there are many views on this form and there is no way we will all agree. We want a simple united front on key points only.

The biggest issue with inspectors is they are many times uninformed or miss informed. Many lack the background of how and why we got were we are(the biggest reason why this chapter, Fl Home and Insurance Inspectors was formed). I strongly suggest anyone who wants to speak-up at the meeting be will informed. All should review the ARA studies and previous commentary as well as other versions of the forms.

I can invite you to our meeting for this discussion if you like

I hope that helps

Am I correctly understanding that the conspectors of your chapter oppose NACHI home inspectors performing these mini-“inspections”? That would violate the code of ethics and could cost you your chapter, you know.

I doubt many feel that way. Just a few. I am against anyone doing them for $50 for their own benefit that is just crazy.

If those “few” happen to be among the leadership at this public meeting and they interfere with NACHI home inspectors getting work … they can lose their membership as well as their chapter. They should reconsider if this is their plan.

As usually you are sadly miss informed and do not understand anything. We do not oppose HIs doing these inspections. I wrote the class for them and contractors for free. Why would I teach them at meetings if I or anyone else in our chapter did not want them to do them?

Most of our members are not licensed contractors including much of our board, including Russ.

Are you on the Ethic’s committee?

You are a sad excuse for a human, people try to help and you attack as usual.

Stay out of Florida Business you only show you ignorance.

The mini home inspections are 4 point inspections and have nothing to do with wind mitigation inspections.

I of course would like what is best for me but I will not fight to hold others back. That is no way to get ahead in life.

I will play by whatever rules are implemented and continue to help anyone who asks weather it is good for me or not.

Taking a course live or online does not give anyone the same life experience as an Architech, Engineer or a General Contractor.

Amen Brother John, Amen .

Screw you, punk. This doesn’t sound like support to me: “The biggest issue with inspectors is they are many times uninformed or miss informed.”

Just wondering if this was your message.

Get out…

Stay in your own States Business.

You know nothing about anything that goes own here.

I / We do not want your opinion. Screw off and go bother someone else, Hack.

What did you do before you woke up and started calling yourself a home inspector?

It is, if they do not know the background info. I am an inspector also.
If they are miss informed it is not their fault, if they did not know, they did not know. Again that is why the chapter was formed.

You are going to have to do better, than that.

Btw, every time you try to belittle someone, **You **discredit yourself, this organization and inspectors alike.

Yours was the first “belittling” post, kid. All I did was ask a question. I agree that it made you look bad.

BTW, “misinformed” is one word. Your consistent use of “miss informed” leads me to believe that this is more than a simple typographical error and since you represent yourself as an educator of the “uninformed inspector” I thought you might want to know that.


By the way. What did you do before you woke up and started calling yourself a home inspector? What was your experience that qualified you to start inspecting homes?

Thank you John, I sent you an email.

I guess jimmy will never answer that question :slight_smile:

I guess he cannot “HEAR” me maybe he should go back to his old career :slight_smile:

Thank you John for ALL you do for our industry.

Then “conspector” is not meant to be disrespectful?

Thanks Ken

Conspector to me means a inspector that has much more construction experience than a person who is just a home inspector.

That does not mean anything bad to regular home inspectors just that a Conspector also holds a very difficult to obtain additional license that “may” give them additional insight a home inspector “may not” have.

I am proud to carry the Conspector designation and hold nothing against those who do not.
Except for James.