Pellet Stoves

Has anyone heard that pellet stoves can no longer be direct vented and must now have their own chimney?

The one’s where I’ve read the install instuctions indicate direct vent (through the wall and stop) isn’t allowed. They require a 5’ minimum verticle run on the pipe.

The relatively short vertical section is so that if the power goes out there is enough natual draft to remove the remaing smoke from whatever is left in the burn pot.

Thanks guys. There is a distributor in these parts who is telling people that “WE” must install a full external chimney up to and exceeding the roof line if you cannot use the regular chimney (lined). The “WE” part sounds kind of fishy.:roll: </IMG>

A pellet stove chimney is under positive pressure, unlike the chimney from a conventional wood stove. Because of this, the chimney must be absolutely sealed. The chimney sections for pellet stoves include a gasket on the ends for this purpose but many people also use RTV sealant in addition.

I believe the min recommend vertical height is 4’ if not specified by the manufacture. If however a pellet stove has the optional battery back up then there is reason why you can’t direct vent straight out horizontally.