People need to calm down

Call from yesterdays inspection
Me. Sorry i did not touch your dish no test it
Her. Yes you did ,take responsibility of your actions. I am going to document everthing.
Me. Ok you write everything down. But i am not going to fix something i didn’t break
Her. I am going to call the agent, and my agent you will never work for them again
Me. Ok But i work for the Buyer not the agent.
Her. I am going to call Dish network and send you the Bill
Me. Ok but You can But i am not paying for it.
Her. You do Know I am writing everything down.
Me ( after this went on for 20 Min) Lady i do not care if you write a book. Give the name and number of the home Owner And i will discuss this matter.
Her. Well you ripped of the siding to look at the Home
Me . No ,The siding was hanging down when we got there. I am not Mike Holmes and i do not take things apart.

Part 2
Madame did you check your TV to see if it was on the right Channel for the dish system.
A silent hush. Umm what channel should it be on she asked
Well try channel 3
Wow there it is fox news
Her: i am sorry for being so Grumpy
Me no Problem
Sometimes you just have to smell the roses and grin.
Then I a dropped this one on her, BTW madame your outlet in the master bathroom will not reset because someone painted over it. :shock:

Who would of guessed somebody who watches Fox News would easily get bent out of shape and blame others for their failings.:wink:

LOl Jame when i heard her say that i almost lost it .

Why not, the leader of our country does.:stuck_out_tongue:

It was Bush’s fault dummy. Any CMI could see that!!!

Should send her a bill for a repair call on her dish network. :cool:

I saw the original version of this joke on the internet but they used CNN. Good work Wayne.:smiley:

No Joke John, It happen to me On Sat. Inspection . Sorry to burst your bubble. Just some strange people out there. Of course if i didn’t mention the fox news part you would not try to make it out like i am telling a story. But it is the truth first thing out of her mouth.

See what watching FOX news will do to people…

That’s OK I had a seller call me and tell me how disappointed he was with my report, then proceeded to tell his realtor that he wanted to use me for his inspection. he was mad, I had to tell him that his house was a mess. and it is what it is.