Greg Heidepriem donations

In case everyone missed the post about NACHI member Greg Heidepriem, here is what happened…
Last Wednesday June 6th Greg was at a luncheon meeting with a Realtor in Defiance Ohio and started to feel ill, He is so committed to his profession he continued his meeting, after the meeting he went to get up & his left leg felt very odd and his left arm was numb & tingling. He paid for their lunch and went to his truck without as much as a word to the Realtor about not feeling well.

Greg got in his truck and immediately called me at home & explained his condition, I was so worried I told him to go straight to the closest ER, He said No I have to go to Office Max and mail a pump to Pro-Lab and then I am heading home.

Well, he went to Office Max & mailed the items to Pro-lab and his condition worsened. He was taken to a local hospital where he was diagnosed with having a CVA or Stroke in the Right parietal brain, which controls left side movement, Speech, & short term memory.

Greg is doing quite well considering all that has happened to him, He lost the feeling in his right side leg, arm, face & lips and he had brain seizures from last Wed. until Sat. when they started to get him stable his short term memory was noticeably affected. He started regaining movement in his left extremities and his face so, they transferred him to an intense rehabilitation unit at a large hospital, St. Rita’s Medical center in Lima, Ohio on Tuesday (today).

Greg is in surprisingly good humor & we are very optimistic for a good outcome and I will keep everyone updated on his progress!

Greg has spent countless hours over the last year putting his Nachi chapter together and having educational events and also working with Nick Gromicko to add some other educational events for the entire Nachi team. He & Nick also worked hard for Greg to land a contract with General Motors North America to teach H I at their facilities.

I know how much Greg Loves Nachi & the Inspection industry and I think it would mean a lot to him if fellow inspectors or fellow members would write him or send a heads up card to help keep his spirit up while he endures a very painful road to recovery!!


I spoke both to Greg & his wife Deb yesterday. He is back at home but has a lot of rehabilitation ahead of him. Since Greg was the only one working the family is in desparate need of survival funds. If anyone is interested in donating to them in this time of need please mail to:

Greg & Deb Heidepriem
C-267 CR16A
New Bavaria, OH 43548

They also have a paypal account set up. If you would like to paypal a donation, please go to and go to the link “send money”. Greg’s paypal email address is

You can also send $$ direct to NACHI and we will forward it over to the family.

Please contact me direct at 303.502.6214 if you have any questions. Thanks for the support! :smiley:

I have been in contact with Deb and she is a great lady and is helping Greg big time .
If you can send some funds please do as this would be a huge help to them .
Thanks… Cookie

Hi everyone,

I can not thank you all enough for your support, What a GREAT FAMILY we all have in NACHI!!
We just found out yesterday that there is some other problems going on from my stroke, One thing, my chemical stress test did not go so well, they found a problem with the left front area of my heart and they are scheduling me for a heart cath (go to cardiologist Wed.6/27 to schedule). they are doing a Brain scan today to see what else is going on as far as my balance to rule out among other things a slow bleed in the brain!

My short term memory is not the greatest but hopefully will return with therapy & treatment.
I can not say enough how much all the support is helping, The Medicines alone are over $925.00/month and I was the only one doing inspections & teaching, as my wife ran the office and behind scenes!

Thanks again and we will keep everyone updated as best we can.

Remember strokes can happen to anyone at any age, Please be careful & keep up with yearly doctor visits!

we’ll keep you in our prayers

Hi Greg! Good to hear from you!

I’m sorry I didn’t get to finish writing to you but will make sure to get to it tonight. There are many different programs available to assist you and I’ll try to research the ones we used and more before I write tonight.

You are in our thoughts and prayers daily and will write often. Don’t ever hesitate to write with any questions or concerns, or if I can help you guys in any way possible.

God bless!
Wendy and kids

Get well soon.

Please go to this website and enter the Foundation and perhaps they can direct funds to Greg and his family. You can’t enter Greg’s family directly because it has to be a registered charity but perhaps the Foundation will work. Contact them to find out or Lisa with any questions. This website is an excellent way to earn money for any charity.

Every thing I read about charity foundations is not good .
My feeling if some one wants to send money then send it to Greg or his wife it works very well and you know for sure every cent you send goes straight to htm no one gets a chance to scam funds off the top.

I sent mine straight to them. Just feels safer!

So you’re saying that The NACHI Foundation is a scam?

Nobody said it was a scam. Why not send the money directly to the person in need? With a Paypal account already set up who needs to go through a foundation?

You don’t send money through anything. You search through this search engine and they make donations on behalf of the charity of your choice. That’s the benefit of actually reading something rather than just taking the word of someone who is biased against another person.

Gee Wendy for a person who brags about her education and makes fun of my English you this morning seem to have trouble reading what I said.

If I thought the NACHI foundation was a scam I would not frequently send them a donation

Why do I need to go through a search engine when I can just write out a cheque or go to the bank and send a money order and I know the person get the full amount.
As per usual you say lots about nothing.
Do you feel that many foundations do not take a large % of the funds donated?

This is another way of raising money for Greg and his family. I’m in touch with Greg and I can assure you that they need all the help they can get and appreciate many different methods and don’t appreciate people arguing down suggestions people make.

If you aren’t interested, don’t do it. End of story.

This is a suggestion that people can do who may not be able to send money. If they are using search engines on the web, or want to, they can use this page and it will create a sum of money that can go to The NACHI Foundation which can then be earmarked for Greg’s family. I don’t care if you are interested in it or not. That’s your business. But I can assure you that Greg and Deb are not going to appreciate it if you shoot down a method that could have raised money for them in their time of need, and for no better reason than simply that you don’t like me. It’s pretty petty of you don’t you think?

Wendy you of all people to make a statement like this is just the complete hight of Ignorance .
You, too say, some one is ( pretty petty ) You sure are not Pretty and you sure are petty.
I look after Roy I just wish you would quit trying to help me .
I have managed to do it for my life and stay of welfare .
I only hope you can do the same in the future.
They say Blonds have more fun then Brunette’s ,
but at least Brunette’s can remember in the morning what they did last night.

Wow Roy. Only you could take a charitable thread meant to help someone and turn it into something ugly and nasty.

I’ll leave you to your evil and nastiness. I wish you well.

Here are just a few of the well known charities that are using this method to fundraise:

Here are just a few of the many success stories thus far:

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has earned $2,530
  • The Elephant Sanctuary has earned $4,060
  • The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has earned $4,230
  • The ASPCA has earned $4,080
  • The Bubel/Aiken Foundation has earned $3,880
  • Best Friends Animal Society has earned $1,770
  • Penn State U. Dance Marathon has earned $3,130
  • The Children’s Tumor Foundation has earned $1,480
  • Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation - The Dog Whisperer has earned $1,990
  • Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy has earned $2,420
  • Food Allergy & Anaplylaxis Network has earned $1,680
    *]Save Darfur has earned $2,760

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I look forward to the day you do start and ignore me .
You are a vicious mean lady who has no life and you sure are not a home inspector.

The money you are talking about is just peanuts.
Most Charties take that much money in every every minute.
and here are a few that are not success stories.