PEX in crawlspace

Is it ok to install PEX in crawlspace. If so I would imagine it too needed to be insulated and properly supported. Anybody have any good product literature on proper install. Searched the web but it was vague. :slight_smile:


As Larry alluded to (albeit indirectly and in an instructional manner :slight_smile: ),

Short answer; it’s fine in a crawspace…

I’m surprised that the companies that specialize in replacing old galvanized pipes haven’t started to use PEX. Just a matter of time.

One of the nice things about PEX is that it can expand with freezing, but has a memory and shrinks back to original size when thawed. Way less prone to breaking than copper.

Excellent, thank you very much for the info. Have a good weekend.

Kind of like me when I eat a great steak dinner uh, I exand then shrink back to size later, :wink: Memory Gut, :wink:

Thanks for the weblink…