PEX Plumbing

What do you guys thinks about PEX plumbing.

It appears to be almost indestructible.

PEX is cross-linked Polyethylene. Through one of several processes, links between polyethylene macromolecules are formed to create bridges between PE molecules (thus the term "cross-linked). This resulting molecule is more durable under temperature extremes, chemical attack, and resists creep deformation, making PEX an excellent material for hot water applications (up to 200° F).

Besides that, it is manufactured and tested according to stringent consensus standards: ASTM F 876 and F 877

When I decide to upgrade the supply in my home, it will be pex.

So far so good.

Only thing I use for new homes…

It currently costs 10X LESS than copper in my region and costs less in labor to install.

Roughed in the water supplies using PEX for my last house in 5 hours alone…

I’ve even gone to PEX for repairs…

I love pex! I’m a little more in the radiant heat industry, but have used it a lot for domestic water supply as well. I prefer Rahau brand, only because of the unbelievably strong - two part connections. These swedge type fittings cannot be beat and are worth the extra cost. Special tools required about $600. However, they often run deals like- by the tools, get 1000’ of pex for free.

That’s a high investment, is there some tools worth more buying than others?


Ditto here.

Our house, built in 2000, is plumbed with PEX, and It is great stuff.

Our last house was 1925 fixer upper that was all galvi- and I re-piped it with copper. PEX would have been way faster and easier to install.

Good stuff!

My 175 year old farm house now has pex, tore out the copper and re-plumbed it. NH winters can be brutal and pex rarely will burst not to mention it bends around corners a lot easier.

You might laugh, but I re-plumbed my sailboat with it last summer. Worked great and was fast. Used it after looking at MANY options.

Canadian Tire sells it now in Canada.

Bill Redfern