PEX the new PB for SW Florida

I just got a call from an agent asking me why homes with PEX plumbing is now not insurable with several carriers. I had no answer because this was the first I have heard of it. I hope to have the names of the companies by Thursday. I asked three times if he was sure it was NOT PB and he was absolutely sure it was PEX and even descibed them as the red and blue plumbing lines.

First I have heard of it and has anyone else had this experience? If it was PEX installed in 2009 and newer its OK.

Hope to get more details Thursday, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

Second issue. citizens now has a mold disclaimer saying they will not repair a mold issue that is older than 14 days if the damage is seen or NOT seen! My friend just got wind of this the other day. His dishwasher had been leaking and he just noticed it the other day and when he pulled it out, behind was filled with mold and his homeowners will not pay for the mold because it was older than 14 days!

Is that not CRAZY? How in the hell can you make a claim om something yuou don’t know is bad? I was just thinking of calling my insurance adjuster in every two weeks, just so he can look around just in case…:slight_smile:

Florida insurance is absolutely STUPID…


This is the first I have heard of this. I always knew Poly was an issue but, I guess you can now add this to the ever growing list for redlining.

NOT yet…I am going to look into it further and try and get more details. Just wondering if anyone else had this situation.

Here you go penis!

Obviously they are trying to hedge off problems that only exisit in other states.