Got a call from an agent today asking me how many times I find PB in a mobile home. My answer was every so often and quite a few have already been re plumbed. He said Citizens Insurance is no longer accepting it. Just throwing it out there FYI.

Hey Wayne. There’s a neighborhood near me that every single home was built with it back in the 80’s or so. My last inspection there I recall the buyer contacting me for references to insurance agents I could possibly provide her with because the insurance company ( I presume Citizens ) was not going to insure her. Her other option was calling a plumber as well.


A lot of people don’t understand the insurance market. If Citizens won’t cover it chances are you are out of luck. It’s hard to keep up with rule changes.
Had a MH recently with PB and told the buyer that they would most likely end up with citizens until they made the repairs. Now there seems to be no refuge unless by chance somebody else will cover it. By the way Bert, how long do you think the new rule has been out?

I’m not quite sure how long Wayne. I can tell you that this buyer I spoke about was from early last year. And it may have been a little before then even. I believe there was a thread on the board here on that topic as well, if I’m not mistaken.


Ok, first I heard of it and suppose the agent was surprised also. So now when I see PB it’s pretty much devastating news to somebody who can’t afford a re plumb.

I believe so. I think the only reason those other folks living in that neighborhood haven’t had to replumb yet is because they’re still with their original insurer or their mortgages are paid and they haven’t shopped for insurance.

I don’t know either for fact but I’m guessing that’s what it is.


I do not know of any Underwriters that are accepting Polybutylene pipe

Check with People’s Trust

Will do that Thanks

I do believe Peoples Trust will take it, but will hold a 10% hazardous deductible against the deductible. If the homeowner takes a claim out due to this pipe, there deductible will be the first 10% of coverage A value.

Coverage A: $270,000
Homeowner will pay $27,000 Out of Pocket for damages in the claim.

Source: Use to do inspections for Peoples Trust.

That’s good to know Shawn. Actually had a lady from Peoples Trust call me today for a copy of a Wind Mit. Very cordial and professional.

Good info guys
Great forum!

Really good info Shawn.


10% hazardous deductible for People’s Trust will be for the following.

  • Property containing branch Polybutylene or Galvanized plumbing systems.
  • Property containing fuse boxes, knob and tube or aluminum branch circuit wiring, or properties containing Federal
  • Pacific Electrical Panels or Stab-Lok breakers.
  • Roof that has exceeded its useful life expectancy.
  • Property with electrical service less than 100 amps or 220 volt electrical service.
  • Property with a portable heater or open flame as a primary source of heat (e.g., electric, oil or kerosene portable
  • space heater, gas heater, wood burning stoves, or any device utilizing an open flame).

I wouldn’t share this with anyone, just for you guys. I never tell the client. I use to work for an Insurance Inspection company who represented Peoples Trust. When I did 4-point inspections for them, this is what I had to look for.

Great info! Thanks for sharing.

Im new at this forum . Im asking a ? about polybutyline plumbing. For a exam to get my license in fl. Are inspectors required to determine the existence of PB plumbing in a dwelling. yes or no. thank you gary doughty