Phased construction

Getting ready to do my first phased construction inspection. What is a typical price for a phased construction.

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It depends on the house and distance, but $150 per trip was what I was doing 5+ years ago.

What are the phases you typically schedule for

I’m right there with Larry. I keep it cheap enough I do weekly inspections and keep the customers coming. It adds up fast and I’ll piggyback a home inspection in the area to save a trip.

What are your customers milestones? That will dictate your schedule.

For a typical sized pre-pour, I usually charged about $250, when I did them. For a pre-cover about 80% of the final inspection. I generally discouraged slab pre-pour inspections for the last few years. They’re horrendously difficult to schedule, not very profitable and largely redundant to what the third-party engineer was there to do.

Below is a typical email response to an RFP for construction phase inspections (4,500 sqft). Feel free to draw from it.

Thank you for your inquiry today and congratulations on your new home construction project. May I ask how you learned about us?

We suggest that clients have their new home inspected at two key phases of construction. These include: 1) Pre-Cover inspection - also known as a frame inspection. This inspection should be performed after all windows, electrical, HVAC duct systems, etc. have been installed, but before insulation and interior wall finishes have been applied and will focus primarily on structural components, plumbing and electrical rough-ins which will not be visible or accessible after the insulation and sheetrock is installed; 2) Final Inspection - This is a full TREC (i.e., full Texas Real Estate Commission) compliant inspection, which should be done a few days prior to closing, after appliances are installed and operational and most work crews have completed their work.

We typically do not do pre-pour inspections as the majority of homes have an independent third-party Engineer-of-Record assigned to the foundation make-up and our inspection would be largely redundant to what they should do.

Our fees to conduct construction phase inspections for your home are: Pre-cover inspection: $675; Final inspection $860 We also have an optional infrared thermography service available with your final inspection for an additional $250. You can read more about our infrared thermography service here There is no extra charge to inspect a detached garage or in-ground sprinkler system.

I invite you to visit our website at and review a sample of one of our Final inspection reports at . I think you will find our reporting to be the best in the industry. I would be happy to forward sample inspection phase reports if you would like.

We encourage you to be present for at least the last half hour of the frame and final inspections so that we can do a walkthrough. While we produce detailed and easy to read reports with color photos, there is no substitute for seeing things live during the walkthrough. We do thorough inspections and are typically on-site for several hours for a house the size of yours. Please feel free to call me at the number below to answer any questions or to schedule your inspection.

I hope that we can be of service to you.

Best regards,

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Some things to consider when pricing construction phase inspections: Location of job site, number of inspections requested by client and your current work load.

Wow, that’s cheap.

It really depends on the company you are dealing with.

I have been getting $450.00-$500.00 per monthly draw on commercial inspections. A new is just starting up and they paid me $300.00 to take 20 photos of the property and add a short description of the area. Once construction starts, it will then go to $450.00 per monthly draw.

Four or five months ago, a company called and offered $30.00 per draw, for a new strip mall. Needless to say, I passed on it.

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Draw inspections are a different animal from phase inspections.

How do you do a phase inspection if you’re not doing a code inspection, and why are you doing a phase inspection and not the town?

Thanks for the input, with all the info combined I think I have enough to put together a good plan.