Phased or draw inspections

I had a call today from a fellow in Ariz. who said his name was Robertson Clarke, with a company called Cocomar Inc. and he was looking for someone in the NYC area to do phased (draw) inspections during construction. I’m familiar with the idea but have never done any. He said most phases would just involve a few photos-4 for the foundation, maybe 6 or ten for other phases, and they would pay either $35 for local inspections and an unspecified amount for more distant ones. I told him it wasn"t worth it to me for that rate, but I still wonder if he was on the level or not. He was a real good fast talker. Said he got my name through NACHI. Anyone else have any contact with him or a similar entity? Anyone have any general advice about how phased inspections work and what the going rates are? Advice would be appreciated.

I haven’t heard of these people, but I’ll assume this is them


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I’m not endorsing this company or its site, but that’s a pretty “standard” security warning you’ll get when a company is “expanding” or in its growing stages.

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It is a legitimate offer, there are may other companies who do this, trinity, granite and others, some pay as low as $35 to $75. You take 10 to 20 photos, it takes about 15 min to the phase. Then you go back to the office and fill out a short percentage form. Depending on job, usually 3 to 6 phases. Hope this helps.

I was contacted by Cocomar/ISGN Inspection services. I have been doing these types of inspections for a while for several entities across the country. They are generally very easy. I wouldn’t do one for $35.00.

$35 is a bit cheap. No matter what I usually tell them it’s out of my way and i’ll do it for $15 on top of their offer. These draw inspections have helped me out in slow times…some houses I’ve had to go back to 6-7 times at $60… not so bad for 15 pictures and filling out a simple web form.

Iv worked for these guys in the past and still do drawl inspections for other company’s. will never do one for cocomar again after one of there guys called me bicthen about a form I filled out it seems I was a pic short I told his boss the 35.00 was not worth my time and having someone acting like a ***** calling me and complaining. The good new in my area prices of drawl inspections are on the rise.

I just received a call this afternoon from ISGN looking for inspectors to perform joint inspections in the Blaine, MN area. The caller, Prinsta Shah was questioning me about my fees. I told her I needed additional information as to what would be required and how many visits to the property would be necessary. She emailed me the info which as already stated requires very little time to complete. The fee schedule is $20.00 per inspection with potential bonus payments of $10.00 for a 24 hour turnaround and $5.oo for timely electronic submittal. The photo minimum is now 16. Business is slow in this area but this seems like chump change. The spring market is just getting started so I’m not inclined to get involved for such a small a fee. It does appear that the fees are somewhat negotiable, since she asked what my fee would be, but her email suggests that the bonuses do not apply to fee overrides.

Has anyone picked up any referral business doing this type of inspection?

South of the Mason/Dixon line no doubt. :smiley:

I do inspections for ISGN all the time. If you don’t like the price they offer, just tell them what you need. If they can’t find anyone else and the rate is reasonable, they will call you back. They sound like Indians (dots not feathers) and are hard to understand sometimes, but they are consistant and I have no complaints. Just make sure you email them your invoice. They now have a web based system to download all information.

Morgan Wood
Home Inspections of Louisiana, LLC

At times they are hard to understand. I had one spelling for me one time and I still could not understand me. One time they told me that the request was for Saturday. I told them I wouldn’t touch it unless they paid me $80. I’m the only inspector for that area so they did it. But they still made money. Most of these “National” draw companies get paid around $120 per draw. What a rip these guys are doing on us. I found out by asking the builders how much they are charged for each draw.


Difficult to start you truck for $35.00. $70.00 maybe of close. Gas of course is gonna go up again this summer - then $80-90.

Trinity called me today, asked if I could do a emergency inspection. The pay???


lol. what a joke.

they will all try to get us to do the work for less… we have to stand firm and charge accordingly… doing a commercial phase inspection work for harvey j lawrence which pays 250 per inspection… not that we will see that out of residential but just the same… Trinity has it on their file if they want me to go… it will be 65.00 locally… outside that they have to call for a quote… they call here and there… not as much as they used to… too many “inspectors” accepting the work for 35.00

Cocamar used to be a nightmare with paper work, faxing, emailing photos, their faxes were junk… they are automated but they don’t call much since they know it will cost them 75.00 locally… they find some other schmoe… Granite calls often… Some Bismark…

On the preservation side… I’ve seen an increase in work orders for W-M Realty Services and NVMS… booked W-M for around 2500.00 worth of services to a foreclosure… tarped a roof, thawed the home installed sump pump, winterized, shoveled the roof (prior to tarping)…

I do draw inspections for Trinity on a regular basis and I have found them to be first rate. Talk to them about the amount of pay and keep in mind that you do not have to accept all requests. I have carved out an area close to home and it is nice to get a check form them at the end of the month.

I’m thinking about offering to do these inspections for $0 hoping of course to cut out my competition while making it up on volume. :stuck_out_tongue:

Smart a-s in every crowd…:twisted: