Anybody done Draws for ISGN Inspections

Got a call today for potential draw inspections in my area from ISGN Inspections out of Connecticut.

Anybody heard of or worked for these folks? Fees or any other info?


Steve…check it out…:twisted:

LOW PAY----ME THINK----:smiley:

$30 per inspection and you would miss all this message board action.


Incredible, “A” Doug?..:shock:----:lol:

Yeah, they called here too and sent an email with the inspector package. Too many restrictions and opportunities to withhold payment for minor crap. I haven’t responded.:slight_smile: Plus the fella that talked to me sounded very unsure of himself and had middle Eastern accent. No Thanks.

Dammit…just spit Dr. Pepper on the keyboard (again)----:stuck_out_tongue:

I have been contacted and am in process of faxing the forms.
There are no small jobs (only small Inspectors) haha.

You can request more with a P.O
It sure can’t hurt to try it out.

Money is money and yours is limited by only yourself.

Actually, they are legit, I have been working with them since 2007 (they were cocamar then). I told them I wouldn’t work for less than $50. Their system is pretty automated, you take photos at the site (at least 16), then upload on their website, and fill out the one page form. DO NOT do commercial for them, they require too much paperwork and won’t pay more than $50. Residential Bank draws with them are an easy $50 bucks. You have to also remember to send an invoice if you want to get paid, and make sure you clarify your price before you agree to any inspection. As long as you follow the above, you will get paid in 30-60 days. (They only send checks once a month, and if you miss there deadline for the current month, you get bumped to the next month, hence 60 days).

So you had to give them your Drivers License info and upgrade vehicle insurance?
No Thanks.

I got the call yesterday and I started to ask her why my computer was running slow:p

I got a call the other day and asked them why I couldn’t get my rug to fly. I was told I had to push the dot on her forehead to get off the ground.:stuck_out_tongue:

Carpet flyer.jpg

What a joke…If you fall for this crap you’re going broke and don’t even know it.