Phone VS Tablet for HIP

I have decided to stick HIP, I have spent a lot of time writing narratives and modifying my templates. Now, I either need a phone upgrade or a tablet upgrade. Please let me know what phone or tablet you guys prefer with HIP software. Thanks a lot for the help

You would do better to post this in the HIP dedicated section. You want replies from guys/gals actually using HIP mobile versus other softwares.



I have been using an 8.3" iPad mini for the past four or so years. To me, it is the perfect fit. The biggest problem right now is finding one.

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The problems with Most tablets is a flash, they dont have one. I have a 10" galaxy Tab 4 newest version. It is the only good tablet that I could find with a good flash, I also have a case for it with a hand grip in the back and a shoulder strap. best setup if you are using a tablet for your reports and photos.

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