Iphone or Android for HIP Mobile

I know this has been debated several times in the past but just figured I would get a fresh outlook. I am currently using an iPhone 5 and decided that it is time to get a new, bigger phone. I am almost exclusively using the phone and HIP Mobile to create my reports. I do almost everything except edit photos on my phone as it is just too small. I also would love a better camera. I am a die hard iPhone user but I just can not deny the fact that the Samsung S5 and S6 takes amazing pictures. So what I am looking for is input/opinions as to which phone would be best in terms of using with HIP mobile. I am thinking of either the iPhone 6 plus or the Samsung Galaxy S6 or maybe the Note. Please tell me why you like a particular phone. Its been a while since I used an android phone so any opinions or help with android would be great. If anyone has used both phones for HIP and can give me an honest review of using the software on them that would be awesome! Dom if you have any input I would love to hear it from you being you are the developer of HIP! Thank you in advance.


I have an ipad and macbook so I stick with iphone. If I was on PC, I would probably go with the Samsung.

Manny, they both have their pro’s and con’s. If you’re an iPhone guy right now, stick with the iPhone 6 plus.

I have to say, I am an avid iOS fan. That being said, I like the UI better on the android than on iOS. I can’t really put my finger on it, but something about the android build is cleaner. I personally use a 7 inch LTE tablet from ASUS, and I love it. I have tried all the different devices and finally settled on it due to several factors.

Price. 40 bucks through ATT…compared to 600 for a mini? Seriously?
Size. The large smart phones are ridiculous to me when I’m not on the job. An iPhone 6 is about as big as I’ll go. And it’s not quite big enough for me during an inspection. A 7" tablet fits perfect in my tool vest, and I don’t worry about the camera on it.
Camera. I use a digital camera and compile everything afterward. I take way too many pictures for my own records, and I like not having to worry whether or not I have enough free space on my camera/phone or whatever.

Hope this helps!

iPhone 6 plus and iPad mini
Picture quality at some point (once it’s so good) is not important for the purposes of a report. The apple products I use has very good picture quality, fast auto focus and light filtering , flash on the phone and easily fits in my carpenter jeans or shorts side pocket
Reliability of these devices has been stellar and stability of operating system… Well it’s Apple…
I have used the android tablets and just feel they are a bit slower but in the end deliver a good quality all around so daily use and end product is fairly equal .
Apple is more costly and every time they upgrade the operating system there are glitches that the software guys at HIP have to work through and deal with the lag time of getting the apps updated.
At the end of the day with today’s rapidly advancing tech it comes down to what you are used to and picking a good quality device in whatever line you choose, getting a systematic approach in place that you use on every inspection and a VERY good quality camera for back up, crawl spaces and those roofs that you may not climb.

I tend to agree with the opinion of Dom but I am so tempted to go with the galaxy because of the 32 mp cam. Can anyone tell me if the camera on the 6 or 6 plus is any better than my iPhone 5?

LG has changeable battery and HD card.
Galaxy 6 started trying to be like a iphone .

Note 4 still has the battery and HD card swap ability.

To be honest i dont have a battery issue. I use a battery case that allows me to have at least 1 full charge as a backup.

I went from iphone5 to a Samsung note 4.

Works great for me.

Ian how do you like android operating system in general compared to IOS? Do you find a big difference using HIP mobile?

Love it.

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to an iphone.

I love my Samsung Note 4 as well.

You mean the one that forces you to tether it ?