New Member software and tablet

Hi Guys I am a new member and I am looking for a reasonable report software I was also looking at an Ipad

Anyone have any advice for me

Walter in Florida

Yes. Don’t get an iPad. The best softwares are not available on iPads. I just sold mine a few weeks ago. Stay far away from AHITs software. Try the HIP trial version. You won’t be disappointed.

Please update your location.

I prefer a tablet/pc convertible. having a keyboard is very imporant for me and then the screen just sits and aims right at your face. I am not a TABLET FAN.

You will not likely find any customer service better than Dom the owner/pres/inventor or whatever he is. He will not stop trying to help you untill you are satisfied :slight_smile:


I researched for months. Home Inspector Pro hands down is the best one…

I use HIP Mobile on a Android tablet. I have posted in another area - it cut my report time from 1.5 hours to 25 minutes - and support is superb.

I love hearing that!!!

Are you going to be coming out with an IPad version?

Yes, it’s in the works.

ReportHost for Tablets runs on iPad (and Android and Windows and Playbook and…)
It’s very easy to use and it’s free to check out. You can either register for free and try it out in an account of your own (easy transition to using it during an inspection) or if you just want to see the interface try it as a guest.
We have a lot of inspectors using the iPad and other tablets every day, including (no surprise) ReportHost co-founder Jim Gallant who still inspects (almost) full-time.

Speed during inspections was one of our main goals. One of our users had this to say about it:
“Love love love the tablet version. I am using an Acer Iconia Android. I had bought AHIT’s inspectit back in August but the sluggish response and speed of use has made me stop using it and go back to ReportHost. This is by far the best in-the field reporting software going right now. I’ve tried the Android versions of AllInspections, 3D, Quikreports, and obviously AHIT’s Inspectit. Just can’t top the usability and speed. Speed speed speed is the #1 issue that I am after. Your use of HTML5 and making the in field product the same as what is displayed back at the office computer is awesome. This product flat out works wonders for me speed wise. I just did a 2200 sq ft inspection in 2 hours and now all I have to do is throw in the pics and I’m done. Can’t say enough good things about the product. You’ve won me back with the technology. Thanks for making something so unique and functional.”

Let me know Dominic and I would love to test it for you. I can’t see myself using anything else for inspections. I’m using Horizon right now and don’t like the credit system, but but really like the software for iPad.

I use the Slate 2 and HIP. (Windows Based) I’ll never change to anything again.

How are you inputting data into the iPad? Are you one finger typing on the virtual keyboard?

I use the touch keypad, yes. I have gotten very quick at it and have no issues at all. I am imputting full sentances. With my desktop software it has a pull down menu to input past entries quicker. The IPad version does not currently do that.

If you are looking for any input let me know. I am a firm believer that if a software can run on the IPad it will trump all. It is light and quick to use and can be synced with the desk top, IPhone. It’s all wireless, pictures too.

Yeah I kind of have the opposite belief. We’re going full steam ahead with the iPad (especially since we’re the only Mac inspection software) but without handwriting recognition it’s not as fast as a Windows tablet. If you’re holding the iPad in one hand you only have one hand, really only 1 or 2 fingers to type with. That’s pretty inefficient compared to writing. I’ve talked with quite a few guys using iPad software and they’re all putting the devices down to do data entry, which is definitely counter productive.

I really wish Apple would allow 3rd party apps to replace their keyboard as Android has done.

I tried handwriting software on a tablet I own, it is a microsoft based tablet and it was good, I just found the IPad better overall. I know my wife currently uses a handwriting app on hers for note taking with her work. I don’t know if it works with other apps or not. I would have to check. She uses a stylis pen.

Are you able to have a pop up bar with the APP for pre written data input? That would save time. I am able to use three fingers on my right hand and type fairly quickly.

The iPad handwriting app only works in the app, not in other programs. I also don’t believe it converts the handwriting to text.

Yes every narrative in our software is in the iPad version.

When it is ready for testing let me know. I would love to give it a try. Thanks Dominic.

Will do. We’re also hoping he iPad mini comes out soon. If that’s true it’ll help as well.

Why wait? Try us now as a guest. You don’t even have to sign up.