Phone vs. Tablet - H.I.P

For those of you who use H.I.P., do you prefer your phone over a tablet?

Absolutely, phone is more portable. If you need to use a tool or go into the attic, onto the roof, etc. it is easy to put your phone in your pocket.

Samsung tablet 8.4 pro. Good flash ,Fits in back pocket and when using it, it dosent look like your checking you facebook msgs

I’ve got the ipad mini with HIP mobile and I’m happy with it. I had the exact same question, phone vs ipad mini. I’m glad I choose the mini. If you go with a phone, I would suggest the iphone 6 which is bigger.

If you like taking pictures with two hands with no flash or zoom and prefer cr-p pictures the tablet is for you.

Some tablets do have flash Bob

No comparison Dom.

Only advantage between fumbling with two hands and none free for flashlight or electric ticker is you can see a larger screen portion.

I was looking at that tablet. Nice size, and it has the flash. Does it also zoom?

Bob, what phone do you use?

Older phone but still relevant …Note 3.
Do not see a ton of improvement in 2015 models.

May need to leave Samsung as they copy i phone with no changeable battery or SD card.

Looking at LG 4 as best for inspection so far because I take lots of pictures.

Prefer Samsung Android camera but find it a little sluggish at times with wait for save so prefer taking pictures to regular gallery and then importing to the software where I can simply double click them into appropriate locations.

This is actually faster than taking them in program as there is no constant wait for save and I am left with a full res copy which can be downloaded separately for a macro view if needed at full MP count.

Since I am easily distracted during inspections I also have my photos left in perfect order they were taken that way for later recall should I mis slot.

Not the way others do it I am sure but is closest to what works for me.

Bob, the new Android Beta will save the full resolution copy as well on the device locally. Let me know if you want to test it out.


I’ve used Galaxy s3, s5, and now the Note 4. All worked well. The Note is by far my favorite.

I’ve use Samsung Tab3 and Tab4, they do the job but I did not like using a tablet.

I haven’t used a camera in over a year and a half. My phones do it all from the roof to the crawl.

Phone by far. My hands need to be as free as possible and a tab doesn’t allow for this. It actually hurts my efficiency. The phone fits in a pouch with other tools and in my shirt pocket. Easier to keep track of. I have a dedicated phone just for inspections, looking up info…no calls…unless it is an emergency. A tab cannot make calls from an attic or crawl. Love the Samsung products. I am anti-Apple across the board.

I was on an inspection today with an inspector and I could see that his iphone was a lot better than my tablet… anyone wanna buy a brand new ipad mini?

Phone over tablet any day

I agree the phone is better for portability, however, like Eric mentioned it could make the client assume you are checking Facebook or emails. I do use my iPad and it is kind of too big. Thought about getting the iPad mini, but now I might look at the Samsung tablet.

Wait a minute .You actually will cripple your collection ability because you think a cell phone looks like you are blogging…huh?

Let’s just say I had one client asks what I was typing on my phone once. If I do use my phone, I explain to the client up front that I’m using my mobile software. First impressions due matter. I do have my iPad and iPhone ready to go on every inspection.

If you’re taking pictures as you go, I think it becomes obvious what you are doing with your phone.