HIP Mobile Rocks

Did my first onsite report today using a Samsung 7.0 tablet and breezed through the entire report with no issues and no homework tonight. Tablet never froze, actually listened to me (jellybean technology) when I spoke to it to adjust narratives if needed and… I’m a free man!!! Thanks Dom. Folks its so easy a monkey could do it. Test it out.

That’s all I was saying :slight_smile:

You using the tablet camera…dumping them at the bottom from a real camera or spending time on site slotting which takes at least 10-15 seconds per picture ?
How good are the tablet images ?

Did you compare it with the i pad pictures before buying or the Motorola zoom ?

Are you looking up serial numbers on site or not including appliance ages anymore ?

Are you doing any narrative descriptions and adding tips or clicking canned language for all and not including illustrations ?

How much more time does the physical inspection take as a result ?
Would you say looking back at the completed PDF that your report is at the same level and nothing is missed by lack of spending time going through images at home ?

7 inch tablet?

Sounds cool Bill, I’m curious… don’t you need internet for voice to text?

That I can tell you is no.
Voice works fine off line especially with swift keys.
We are talking Android here.

Must admit it works as well as Dragon from my experiments with the Android camera.

Bob see above…

Bottom line is HIP MOBILE simply sucks “the same template” you have on HIP laptop into the cloud then onto your machine “mine is Samsung 7.0”. The only difference is it looks different but once you get use to it 10 mins later you’ll see your simply doing the same inspection with the same template on your Mobile and once you send the completed inspection back to the cloud you simply pull it off the cloud to HIP laptop and make corrections and send to client. It ROCKS MAN!

Bob is right. No internet for HIP Mobile or voice recognition. Jellybean is built right into the tablet. I also have a otterbox for mine and feel like I could drop it or lay it down without any worries. Slate 2 DOES NOT COMPARE to Hip Mobile/Samsung 7.0/Android. Also I bought a new bag that Shawn from Tennessee told us about and the Samsung and all my tools I need fits perfectly in it. I felt way more organized today and looked professional.

Wow you mean rocks ?
Still what about pictures…you did not answer that.
By Samsung 7.0 you mean Galaxy android tablet right ?

Thats correct Galaxy Android Tablet 7.0. Pics I took with the unit looked just fine on the report.

Tablet pics are good, and if you have a good caption library it’s even better

So it has zoom ?
How many pictures are you taking with it ?

Also what about serial numbers ?
You no longer look up age of furnaces and water heaters ?

Not trying to bust you but these are issues I have with on site reporting
and if it takes 3 hours at home why is it not adding 3 hours on site ?

See above…

I still add roof and crawl pics from camera.

and it didn’t take me 3 hours at home :wink:

Before Mobile how long at home was you spending on the report on average?

One hour, sometime 90 minutes

Ah yes ,I remember those days fondly…lol

So you’re taking longer now then you used to? Moving backwards doesn’t seem to make much sense.

No moving forward with more information that is simply not possible on site.
Not everything is about speed.

What information?

If your report times take twice as long as they used to, does that mean you are missing half as much stuff as you used to?