Hey Nick, my company logo used to pop up on the bottom of my posts and now it does not. Any suggestions?

Redo it

My company logo shows up in my profile page but some how does not shows up when I post a reply. I just can’t figure it out.

Try uploading it again.

Seriously? This is your logo?

That’s a classic. :slight_smile:

My recommendation is to have the Inachi marketing staff redesign for you.

I had a similar clip art logo and the one that Inachi recently did was excellent.

The design is free and it would cost a few bucks for stickers or business cards. Before and after (pictured). I think you would agree the one they designed is much better than the clip art one.

HomeSafeInspections-logo-small (Custom).jpg

HomeSafeInspections-logo-small (Custom).jpg

HomeSafeInspections-logo-small (Custom).jpg

dave-logo (Mobile).JPG

I know they can redesign it for me. It’s work for me for sixteen years now. Everyone knows it, so I believe it it’s not broke, don’t mess with it. You know what it costs to rewrap four vehicles.

Well, that’s not always true. Sometimes you have to make changes to things that have worked.

But furthermore, there is a question you must ask yourself: Has it really worked for you for 16 years? How do you know? Perhaps it cost you 3 jobs a month for 16 years and you simply didn’t know it. Our profession is evolving. We’re almost viewed with the same professional esteem as engineering firms nowadays. Would an engineering firm have a logo like yours?

Interesting… that’s not what your website says…

I like the truck logo with the lettering and smiley but yeah the house could be redone.
Maybe just eliminate it and it looks fine as far as the rest.

If you like it, keep it. That privilege come with owning your own business. It works with the company name.

No shortage of unsolicited advice and critique around here.

Hey Jeffery. Your right about what i said. I should have said it has work for the company for 15 years so why change it. If you go to and and look up the company, you will find that it started in 2001. I partner up with the original owner in 2007 and then bought him out when he retired in 2010.

Hey Nick. When you first started the redesign service, I did ask for a redesign but never got a reply, but that my fault for not checking up on it. If they want to have a go at it, I take a look at it. Thanks.