Photoelectric sensors

What would the reason be for mounting vehicle door opener photoelectric sensors near the ceiling?

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New home the builder uses it for storage and does not want door opening and closing all the time but they do not want the sensors to get lost very common in a new subdivision seen it often .

That’s odd. They’re wired and working properly. No provisional wiring at the proper locations.

I see it every now and then. It is just a way to bypass the sensors. I don’t know why anyone wants to bypass the sensors but people do it.

Please reread post number three


The door opener will not function in the down direction without properly wired, aimed, and working photo electric sensors. They are mounted in inappropriate locations to bypass the safety protocol that prevents the door from closing with an obstructed or missing sensor, but this “method” still allows the door to close.

It’s dangerous.

They are much easier to align like that

They have eyes for each other .

Another reason not right though but happens the sun was affecting the operation

I read it. I don’t agree with it. I see it in old homes not new homes. People install openers and purposely bypass the sensors.


I wish I knew. I have seen it enough to know it is a thing but I have never asked a homeowner why.

I just googled “why do people bypass garage door sensors” and here is what came up:

“I always found myself ducking under the door as it was going down and also stepping over the beam. You know, hit the wall button, run out through the door and jump in the car… What I did was remount the two electric eye things up high out of the way about 1 inch apart.”


Another answer to “why” is that they tried to get the new opener to work, found out it won’t close, then realize they have to wire the sensors.

Easier to mount them 10 inches from the motor than to run the wires to the proper location.

As in they want to be Indiana Jones.:smiley:

I don’t buy that .
There has got to be a better answer.


I’ve run into this plenty of times, very obvious it’s general laziness and ignorance. Most common spot is right above the opener; either on the ceiling, the angle iron, or nearby, a short run of cable, and less time to fiddle with the parts.

No need to look for a deeper meaning…

(Pull the low voltage wires on one of those wacky installs and you’ll see why the sensors must be “wired” and aimed at each other. That’s what Bubba discovered too.)

That would be harder than doing it correctly! Yep!

Amateur installation, bypassing and defeating the safety sensors.

Thought about doing it at my previous home. Garage was in lower level of ranch walkout. In the fall and winter, big oak leaves would constantly get stuck to the bottom door seal and cause the door to reverse. Of course I would be to the end of the driveway by the time it reversed. My wife was always glad that the old opener on her door didn’t have that “feature”. Had trees all around me that wouldn’t drop the last leaves until the new ones pushed them off in the spring. Never did get around to doing it though.