Near sighted eye beam


It wouldn’t have taken any longer to put them in the right spot.

This is common in new construction ,They are usually like this in One garage so tools and equipment can be stored .All do not need a key and the last guy at night can hit the door down button and walk out . some one need to go and now install the eye in its correct place .

Makes sense, this place was over 20 years old. New one for me!

It is a common installation here in NE Ohio. :shock:Since we unplugged the opener and the door did not operate we might as well place the sensors wherever we feel like it. I was thinking of starting a show called Make it Wrong!!

You will find new things all the time ,I am 75 and still find new things .
How about hole left from moving the window .
No big deal just get some caulk and 2*4s paint them red and who will know .

Aug 25 04 004.jpg

WOW…this is all great stuff, in an unbelievable sort of way…:roll:

I see garage door reverse sensors about twice a month placed at the opener themselves or at the wall above the doors. Common here, actually. I have a collection of at least 20 pictures of them.